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4th Of July Tradition- Honor- and Faith

International Radical Liberalism

Can politicians who reject the Church’s teachings call themselves “Catholic”? | Fatima Center

Unseating Lisa Murkowski- Alaska  and Susan Collins Maine is the  secret to overthrowing Roe vs. Wade

News On Our Honorable President Donald Trump


4th Of July Tradition- Honor- and Faith continued

  • A Christian Soldier Under Caesar? Was it Licit? – Catholicism.org
  • http://catholicism.org/a-christian-soldier-under-caesar-was-it-licit.html
  • When Institutions Decay – by Return to Order
  • http://www.returntoorder.org/2018/05/when-institutions-decay/
  • Why Good Fences Make Good Neighbors – On Return to Order
  • Although the earth was made to be shared by all, fallen nature calls for private property, so that by caring for that which is strictly one’s own, peace and harmony of society are preserved. It is well known that what is common to all is often cared for by none. For as Aristotle points out if property is commonly owned, “complaints are bound to arise between those who enjoy or take much but work little and those who take less but work more.”

Likewise, so many do not understand the need for limits and restraint. They want to tear down walls because they say “no.” Those who defend order are like the neighbor who repeats axioms from time immemorial without understanding why saying “no” is essential.

A Solution for a Fragmented America -John Horvat II – On Return To Order

July 6 – The King Had Three Daughters, All Saints – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The Family Of (From L to R) St. Etheldreda and St Withburga, sisters of St. Sexburga; St. Werburgh, the granddaughter of St. Sexburga. All three are incorrupt, though St. Werburgh’s grave was destroyed under Henry VIII.