The revolution as a three pointed antithesis to the Holy Trinity . It is the intertwining of protestantism, modernism, and marxism

Anne Catherine Emmerich, the Two Popes, Pagans, and the Pantheon- – By Patrick Archbold On OnePeterFive

Fatima & Similar Warnings – by Homer Sweeney On TIA

A Prayer by St. Thomas More |

St. Thomas More refused to follow what everyone said was the thing to do
which was to recognize the king’s illicit marriage and that the king would
now be head of a new form of church.  St. Thomas gave witness to the
sanctity of marriage with his life.  We ask his intercession to also stand
up for the truth about marriage, life, and the Church.


Catholic Adultery and Protestant Intercommunion Opens Up A Schism In The Church


The Opposition

The Majority Of Bishops Are Abandoning Orthodoxy And Embracing Modernism And A Catholic Form Of Protestantism


July 4 – Patroness of victims of adultery, jealousy and unfaithfulness – St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Dionysius, king of Portugal and St. Elizabeth