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The Roots and Historical Consequences of Modernism – By Roberto De Mattei

The roots of modernism, as demonstrated by this accredited Church historian and theological Catholic philosopher can be found within the Secret Societies of the Lodges it’s revolutionary consequences extensive and on-going


Masonic Grandmaster Says Pope is “Prototype of Enlightened Despot of the World” – On EP


United – Macron and Francis – On gloria.tv

President Of France Macron is an aproned degreed mason

Meeting on June 26. The lapsed Catholic, French President is so keen to cuddle up to the Church, and has just been installed as an honorary canon of St John Lateran. Given his political agenda, under threat from powerful leftist unions, perhaps he hopes for Catholic support at home.


The neo-Jesuit order,  as well as many of the modern Religious Orders now, holds to the philosophy of Immanence( = each person has an individual reality which is true to his or herself based on that person’s changing experience)  to which they further teach should be respected by the Catholic as true for ‘that ‘ person
The first and foremost goal of modernism always begins from separation of Catholicism from Thomistic Aristotlianism and to discredit it
As is well known Pope Francis, the current hierarchy of Jesuits , and the proponents of continuing an aggressive post-conciliar liberal reform are proponents and avid readers of the philosopher Maurice Blondel ( = The emotion of religious feeling which forms an intellectual formula making each person’s individual divine realities true for each. Thereby absolute Truth in this school of thought (which is essentially a new religion ) becomes false and religion can then contain no absolute truths. The dogma of non-contradiction is abolished . Conscience is born of man,  of each individual, carrying  this form of Catholic Gnosticism to its logical conclusion,  each person eventually attains enlightenment ,  and in the end , God and man ( for the individual) become the same thing ( which is the transcendence of pantheism into elements of panentheism).  No one may covert another, which is considered a sin, one may only work to ‘converge’ one another’s beliefs
Modernism began in secret societies and then between the eras of Pius IX to Saint Pius X it went from a fight against modernism forces outside the Church to a fight against modernism forces within the Church. In Vatican II modernism materialized from a minority to overtaking the hierarchy as a majority . In the post conciliar era it grew from a philosophical school “Nouevlle Theologie” to a political party under Pope Francis Bergogliio whereby any prelate not supporting the party to reform Rome to the party is abruptly and brutally suppressed . The praxis ( the implementation in practice ) is to graduate ecumenism in order promote inter-religious dogma , separate biblical , theological , liturgical , and historical disciplines into very separate evolving subjects and to study them with other religions
Obviously the new rite is a main vehicle , the néw illegal Catholic government of conciliarism (ruled by individual Bishops conferences ) and not centrally controlled by orthodoxy   is another , aggressive appointments of modernists to key prelature positions and the demotion of traditional Catholic prelates and the disbanding of traditional Catholic orders is another , the acceptance of elements of the culture of death as lesser evils to be dealt with by each conscience and NOT the Church,  ecumenism with Communism and the adoption of socialism and Islamic immigration as a preferred method of government, and raising the neo-catechumen seminaries and their protestant  Eucharistic theology to pontifical rite – while in parallel synods promoting intercommunion – women deacons and lay women in Church government Hierarchy as the next set of goals of the party
The liberal reform of the Catholic religion is an active revolution
Faithful Catholics seek to unplug people from the matrix of the machine and join the counter  revolution , the Catholic restoration , and preserve what is left of the Roman Catholic Church
Some of the methods we can retain our religion –
Homeschooling our children , commuting our children long distances to traditional Catholic schools , conservative dress , proper manners , promotion of classical music , Gregorian chant , cultural music and dance , studying the original Catholic catechisms (Baltimore , Trent ect) attending traditional liturgy for all 1st and 2nd double class Feasts , pray the Divine Office or the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary , pray the Rosary , Follow Catholic Philosophy class cirriculums, look up and make reference whenever possible the “Catholic history” of any event referenced by culture , media outlet, school, or instructor , group study the Summa of St Thomas Aquinas to learn why he is the lead doctor of the Church
Study  Mariology , Marian Maximalism , to learn why the incarnation and the Mediatrix are at the center of Catholic belief , study the Catholic charisms of St Maximillian Kolbe and the Catholic Penance philosophies of St Padre Pio,
Join reparation pilgrimages and protests against blasphemy ,
Pray in front of abortion mills with your friends and family , be the first in your family to be kissed by a child whose mother you stopped at the doorstep of an infanticide mill, write letters to Catholic prelates when they fail to uphold the perennial teachings of the Church,
Join a traditional 3rd Order . A Confraternity , or A Society that Defends the following,  the defense of the traditional Faith, the traditional liturgies of the Church , traditional families, and the primogeniture /unigeniture patrimony of the properties of traditional Catholic families , and contribute to the support of traditional Catholic priests and the families of the former Catholic nobility , and lastly visit Arian groups (JWs, 7thDay Adventists, & Unitarians,)   to explain the differences between Arianism and Trinitarian Liturgical Christianity . Most of the people and families within those sects I have found have NEVER heard anyone witness to the differences and the Truth and there always some whose interest is immediately peeked


“The declared enemies of God and His Church, heretics and schismatics, must be criticized as much as possible, as long as truth is not denied. It is a work of charity to shout: ‘Here is the wolf!’ when it enters the flock or anywhere else.
–St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, Part III, Chapter 29


Where Catholic finances and banking is concerned never a stones throw afar is freemasonry

Yesterday June 26th, 2018 Pope Francis Named Bishop Nunzio Galantino as the new President of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See, the Vatican’s de facto investment bank, which administrates assets of at least 700 million Euros.

Galantino is a notorious pro-gay and pro-divorce advocate
and a relativist. He is a known Pope Francis partisan and has no professional competence in finance & banking And now faces a majority that is controlled by a contingency of Officers in the Italian grand orient lodges

Galantino told La Nazione that on the problems with the Church “In the past we have concentrated too much on abortion and euthanasia.”

Francis also named Portuguese Father José Tolentino Calaça de Mendonça, who is known as a poet, as the new Prefect of the Vatican Librarian and all it’s resources making him a Vatican archbishop in a top position

Mendonça had preached this year’s lenten retreat to the Roman Curia unto which he was written up and considered a hardcore radical by Curial officials and whose thinking, it is said, represents emotionalism.

Both anti-Church prelates are expected to soon become cardinals according to the five year plan

Also yesterday Pope Francis  deposed Cardinal Allencherry of India for financial corruption He ran two of the largest Dioceses in India. Pope Francis instructed the Vatican to take over the both Syro Malabar Rite Dioceses on the same  day where he just named two radical liberals one to the upper ranks of Vatican banking as the chess pieces are moving behind the scenes at a breakneck pace.


Pope Calls Attempts To Convert Others To Catholicism – A Sin Against Ecumenism

I Will Leave To Others The Debate As To Whether He Does Or Does Not Understand That These Notions Are The Central Doctrines Of Freemasonry 

Last paragraph in a 2016  Interview with the Pope On Crux – (Scroll to the bottom of the article)

“Every degreed mason must keep his or her original religion (and infiltrate it) and anyone who converts others in the Lodge or from others Lodges to his or her religion is expelled “


A Look Inside Manhattan’s Masonic Hall: Grand Lodge of New York [Photos] | Untapped Cities



What the Roman Catholic Church teaches on Freemasonry – 

It was formally condemned beginning in the 1700s and every Supreme Pontiff from the late 1800s through Pius XII have written an ordinary magisterium teaching of the Church on it , freemasonry’s teachings and the evil of it.

The best of the best can found within the teachings and writings of Pope Leo XIII in the late 1800s which still stands solid and unmovable today

Humanum Genus (April 20, 1884) | LEO XIII


Pope Leo XIII 8 December 1892 On Freemasonry



We need a chivalry of the spirit to combat the Revolution in the Reign of Mary – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Patron of June 27



Our Lady Of Perpetual Help by Vladimirskayasmall

Shrine Of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help At The Shrine of The Unborn – Church Of The Holy Innocents NYC

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