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The Cardinal McCarick scandal is said to be going deep State Church – A lot of rocks are going to be overturned !

It’s all we’ll probably hear about over the next several weeks , as it is on the wire that several Priests and abused are going to come out on this in the long term nature of McCarick’s abuse in that these Priestscoming out & confessing their part in the cover-up are not wanting to go to hell. What is well known is that many Priests knew of him as a homosexual and abuser of seminarians and were, admittedly silent. He stacked the deck in the Dioceses he managed with homosexual Priests. A delegation of lay people and Priests went to Rome In 2002 to tell of his escapades and to stop him from becoming a Cardinal and in 2013 it was brought to the attention of Pope Francis along with three other alleged homosexual abuse Cardinals

The Dolan Connection

There are also allegations (unsubstantiated as of this writing ) that Cardinal Dolan participated in the cover-up for years and he only went to Press Release yesterday AFTER the Vatican removed McCarick and suspended him as a Priest
Elizabeth Yore  child protection attorney and traditional Catholic says an independent lab analyzed and released the results of undisputed evidence from Ny and Nj charges that were reported over a period for YEARS
If this is true there is a potential that Cardinal Dolan can finally be removed from office
Last week Cdl Dolan challenged and countered sued the Peoria Diocese and the family of Bishop Fulton Sheen, holding up the cause for Sainthood, holding his body, and refusing the decision of the Court
The week before he praised and backed up the formal and material heretic Father James Martin and the week before that he advocated to opening the St Patrick’s day parade to any and all homosexual apostolates, contradicting his previous restrictive statement plans
Dolan  is also completely silent for years on the hundreds of complaints of St Francis Xavier Parish on 13th Street Manhattan which the diocese calls notoriously incestuous and outlandish in its overt homosexual culture which is an inside joke to most Catholic Ny’ers

More widely known

was Cdl McCarrick’s persecution of traditional Catholic apostolates in NY and NJ as well as any active pro-life movements – His persecution unsuccessfully attempted to suppress the traditions at St. Lucy’s in Newark, Holy Rosary in Jersey City and others

Rod Dreher also broke a story yesterday on the American Conservative that the issue with McCarick being a progressive – a modernist – and a gay molester has been known to him and dozens of others in the Newark Diocese for over 15 years
Cardinal McCarrick Is A Molester | The American Conservative


There is also video archive posted via Life Site of a talk Cdl McCarick gave where he shared insights from the Papal Conclave

Six months after the election of Bergoglio – (referring to inside sub conclave groups ) Cdl McCarick was video’d at podium saying that he knows that this Pope is going to reform the Church within five years and slowly bring all topics of today ( homosexuality ) into some type of conditional approval
He’s obviously using the word ‘reform’ in the definition of progressivism When we all know that the #1 crisis in the Church is that the Church is completely infiltrated and needing reform from top to bottom (with reform in the definition of the Saints of antiquity ) meaning orthodox Catholic reform

[Gay] Cardinal McCarrick in 2013: Francis will ‘change’ Church in 5 years– On gloria.tv


The Video /The Lab and Rod Dreher’s  is just one of the many references

See also Elizabeth Yore and others below not to mention his antics in the DC Catholic Church as seen below


Video Cardinal McCarrick’s history in DC, the Catholic Church – gloria.tv


When Cardinals Are Outed for their Homosexuality by Margaret C. Galitzin On TIA

Cardinals O’Brien – Shornborn – McCarick and Hans Groer were all part of the same homosexual network of promoting homosexuals and having the power to suppress allegations against them including substantial allegations that were again brought to Pope Francis and the Vatican in this 2013 expose’ article

But as usual its ‘nothing to see here folks’ just more conspiracy theories of rad-trads


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Priest Accuses U.S. Cardinal of Abuse of Power, by Matt C. Abbott, Renew America [Washington D.C. Diocese United States], December 2, 2005