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Pope Francis’ New Condemnation Of Abortion Comes Too Late For Ireland’s Unborn


The Silence Of Pope Francis As His Own Country Falls To Infanticide

Argentina House Passes Bill to Legalize Abortion, Would Kill Unborn Babes Up to 14 Weeks | LifeNews.com


Argentina House Passes Bill to Legalize Abortion, Would Kill Unborn Babes Up
to 14 Weeks  | LifeNews.com

Amid The Silence Of Our Pope Francis


Pope Francis Recent Pro-life Comments When Speaking To A Visiting Pro-Life Congregation

But when Pope Francis is speaking to International Politicians , fellow Cardinals, and his Bildeberg associates he lauds the family planning pro-abortion eugenics mavens of the world

Everyone forgets his warm Papal welcome to the Satanic Emma Bonino

People say

“How can this be how can the Pope consistently say two contradictory things”

It’s simple Neo-Jesuitism of Tielhard Chardin – in the theology of the periti of Vatican II there are multiple truths even contradictory (violating basic Aquinas) true for each person It’s a form of pagan gnosticism. Roman Catholicism teaches that there is absolute Truth established by the one True Church in each and every subject . If there is a subject that is NOT clearly defined as in for example was the Blessed Mother taken up body & soul and assumed while dead or alive The Catholic is free to believe as most Marian maximalists do that she was taken up while alive. Sacred Scripture details how Elija was taken up while alive Chariot and all, Why would the Lord God not do the same for his Mother – Therefore the Church dictates what it leaves to the believer and very little does it leave to the undefined

Here the Pope says great things in defending women

Here the Pope is himself

Some key commentators explain further in helping the de-mystification


Then We Have Former Catholic Pagan Ireland


  • Doctors must refer women for abortions – Irish PM – On The Society For The
    Protection Of The Unborn


Pro-life News Round Up


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