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Centennial Mass For The Conversion Of Joyce Kilmer Was Celebrated At Holy Innocents NYC This Past Friday

Father of five children killed in World War I famous Catholic Poet’s family were Episcopal from New Brunswick, NJ

 A recent article write up in the Knights Of Columbus magazine Columbus scanned pdf on the link -> entitled

Joyce Kilmer – Poet, Soldier, & Knight – On Columbus Magezine

Holy Innocent’s own play write David Lane recently released  the second post of Chapter IV of Irving Babbitt’s Rousseau and Romanticism, “Romantic Morality: The Ideal.” – On Tradition Restored.

Babbitt shows how the “facile lachrymosity” of the eighteenth century man of feeling led to the emotionalism of the nineteenth-century romanticist. Kindly click on the menu Poetry and the Romantic Tradition in the top bar and access the Chapter.


On Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees” – Crisis Magazine

“2018 marks the centennial of the death of Joyce Kilmer in northern France.”

“Trees” is perhaps the most remembered of a largely forgotten legacy of this Catholic bard. During 2018, perhaps we might turn some attention to his work.


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