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Socialism , Liberation Theology, Women Ordination , Homosexuality, Silence On Abortion, Attacks On Property Populism , Nationalism, Christendom, and Roman Catholicism Are All On The Top Of The Promotion Agenda For This Papacy

Social Justice Full Court Press

  • Drinking from the Fountain of Youth will not save the modern Church – The Fatima Center

“But that’s good, right? It’s modern! It’s caring about the things that really matter to the disaffected youth who find the Church old-fashioned and irrelevant. Who cares about things like immorality when what’s really important is… wait for it… gun control!”

So said Pope Francis on Palm Sunday when he urged young people not to be silent. Get out there in the streets, he said. Let your voices be heard. The world needs to hear you, especially when elders (like me, he did not say!) are corrupt or silent.


This just came on the heels of an entire weekend of His Holiness hiding in silence while a giant homosexual parade marched through Rome to his and His Cardinals and local Bishops silence
This followed his total silence on the lead up to the Irish Referendum removing all legal protections for the unborn and the silent post mortem on all the culture of death components that inevitably begin to fall like dominoes when such a law is passed in a country

  • U.S. cardinals appointed by Pope Francis calls on Trump to rejoin Paris Climate Agreement (Continuing the post conciliar conversion of the Church to a Social justice organization and a de-weaponizing of the Church Militant)  | News | LifeSite


  • Pope Makes Contradictory Statement On Increasing Power / Electricity / Reducing Property vs The Economy Of Ecology
  • The “New Pentecost” Is Oppressive“Monsignor Livi points out that the neo-modernist pastoral practice since Vatican II has often been called – quote – “a new Pentecost”. But this turns fallible practical decisions into infallible doctrines. Therefore, in the eyes of the neo-modernists, everybody who criticizes their wrong pastoral practice commits a sacrilege and must be oppressed.”

The homo-heresy in the Church devolves into material AND formal heresy

  • Pope Francis And The Vatican Has Invited Gay Propagandist To Speak At “World Meeting Of Families” – On gloria.tv


  • Heresy Begets Heresy – Fr James Martin to speak at World Meeting of Families | CatholicHerald.co.uk


  • Pope Francis former diplomat to Washington DC , Monsignor Carlo Capella is indicted  on ‘significant ‘ child pornography charges and evidence – jailed in the old Vatican cells – On The Washington Post


Pope Francis And His New Vatican Pushes for Ministerial Roles for Women

  • The 2019 Pan-Amazon Synod and the Possibility of Married Priests, Even Female Priests – OnePeterFive


  • Amazon synod working document seeks ‘new paths’ of evangelisation | CatholicHerald.co.uk


  • Papal advisor claims Francis would not give ‘strict no’ to women’s ordination | News | LifeSite


Pope Francis Encourages Father of Liberation Theology – On TIA

  • Vatican II comes to full fruition , Vatican II and Pope Paul VI ‘s refusal to condemn communism , the Vatican’s deals with Russia and then at the close of Vatican II his endorsement of Liberation Theology In Columbia


  • Pope Congratulates Liberation Theologian on 90th Birthday – On EP


  • Pope Francis praises founder of liberation theology | CatholicHerald.co.uk


  • Pope Francis Thanks Founder of Liberation Theology for his ‘Theological Service’ to the Church


Pope Francis to canonise the Vatican II Council and Liberation Theology

  • Pope to canonise Blesseds Paul VI and Oscar Romero on October 14 | CatholicHerald.co.uk


  • Property – The Great “Absents” in the Land Debate – The American Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family And Property


  • Vatican Contribution to The Masonic Bilderberg Meeting Remains Secret
  • Vaticanists and intrigue columnist record that in attendance was the Vatican Secretary Of State as well as the highest ranking Grand Masters Deputy Grand Masters and Worshipful Masters from both Grand Orient and Scottish Freemason lodges


Conservative Rivals Are Dealt With Harshly

  • The Pope’s Italian-Spanish Retribution Spirit With ‘The Memory Of The Elephant’

Respected Predecessor of New La Plata Archbishop “Tucho” Fernández’ Ordered to Depart His Diocese Immediately – On OnePeterFive


  • Pay-Off Time As Pope Throws Enemy Conservative Archbishop Of La Plata In the Street – On EP


An Unpopular Pope

  • Argentine National Football Team Has No Time for Pope – On EP


  • Saint Peter’s Square Photographs

Papal audiences continue to come in breaking all records continually 3/4 empty

Pope violates the apparitions and messages of Our Lady of Fatima , “Without Consecration With All The Bishops The Errors Of Russia Will Spread Unabated”

  • Pope Promises no “Uniatism” in Relationship to Orthodox Churches – On EP


  • Pope nixes conversion of Russia — “I do not want it!” | Fatima Center


Recent Archives

End Of May 2018 Brings New Pope Francis Scandals | TCE |


The Family as predicted by Our Lady Of Fatima Comes Under Attack By The State ( Of The Church)

  • Pope’s Liturgist Attacks Pro-Life Italian Family Minister & Traditional Catholicism And Says Summorum Pontificum is Fascist


  • We Are Not Scared to Face the Dictatorship of Thought Police – by Lorenzo Fontana – On gloria.tv


Papal Indifference To Truth

  • As Recorded Again And Again – Francis Refuses to Kneel In Front of the Blessed Sacrament –
  • He will Kneel For A Variety Of Devotions Including Confession But Not The Blessed Sacrament – On gloria.tv


  • Jesus Christ, Our Shepherd: Bergoglio refuses to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament during the feast of Corpus Christi


Key Archive

  • Progressive Inhumanity, Part One: The State against the Family – On Crisis Magazine

Leo XIII – This is the doctrine of subsidiarity at its core.  The Pope does not justify the family on utilitarian grounds.  He does not affirm (what is true in any case) that there are many things the family can do that the State cannot do as well, or cannot do at all.  Instead he founds the rights of the family in nature, and the God of nature.  It is a society both human and divine.  It is within those bonds of love or duty that children and parents both put faces upon law that would otherwise remain abstract, distant, sometimes threatening, sometimes impotent, but always extrinsic, and therefore not quite real.  It is there, and only there, that law and love may be found growing together. It combines the best of monarchy and aristocracy and democracy and even at times a merry anarchy, and, if it does not transgress against its own natural purposes, the family “has at least equal rights with the State in the choice and pursuit of the things needful to its preservation and its just liberty.”


VIDEO: Bishop Athanasius Schneider – Talk On The Crisis In The Church And What Should Be The Response Of The Church Militant  – Voice of the Family

Bishop Athanasius Schneider delivered the following address at the church of St Mary Moorfields, London, on 24 May 2018, following the celebration of Pontifical High Mass. The event was jointly organised by Voice of the Family and the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.



June 12 – He Crowned Charlemagne – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Pope St. Leo III crowning Charlemagne Painting by Josef Kehren _Kroenung_Karl_der_Grosse