The majority of all discussions come down to what protestantism, in its many variations believes vs. absolute truth.

In the Roman Catholic definition the merits of Christ’s passion is distributed by His Church full stop –

What is the Church?

The Church is the prolongation of the incarnation in time ! It is the mystical Body of Christ – Christ requires the cooperation of the members of His Mystical Body in carrying out the work of Redemption – Through the sacramental system the Church mediates the fruits of the Passion of mankind – the opus operatum.

Where non-modernist Catholics and protestants would disagree is on the emphasis to be placed on the role of the Blessed Virgin mary in the incarnation.

God has chosen to redeem us by means –  of the Incarnation which required the co-operation of Mary’s Fiat. He could have redeemed us in some other way which would have not  have required human co-operation – but it was His will that He should redeem us by means of the Incarnation. He chose to become incarnate with the cooperation of Our Lady

Credit in part to Michael Davies’ Cranmer’s Ungodly Order

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The Principle of Tradition. Both are the result of an organic development of an ancient apostolic core, transmitted through centuries of living faith; in spite of attributions of this or that liturgy to a famous saint such as St. John Chrysostom or St. Basil, in fact the rite is the work of many whom we cannot name. No Byzantine liturgy or classic Roman liturgy is the product of a committee of avant-garde experts out of touch with the people and captive to fashionable theories long since exploded. We may call this the principle of tradition, of receiving what is handed down. Put simply: it is not the case that a liturgy is good because the authority of the Church deems it to be good; rather, the Church knows it to be good because she has received it. Here we strike at the root of that bizarre ultramontanism in the West that considers liturgy to be nothing other than what papal authority has promulgated — as if liturgy is an infinitely malleable clay whose shape is wholly left to the sculptor’s will. Prior to Paul VI, papal authority promulgated that which was already known and loved as traditional in the Latin Church ( is held to be the highest of all truthfulness. )

 “The Holy Mass—Our Divine Treasure” Recent Sermon By Bishop Athanasius Schneider – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! In these moments we participate in the most holy, in the most great, in the most wonderful and in the most divine work in all creation and in all eternity: the Holy Sacrifice of Mass. The Holy Mass is in substance the same as the Holy Sacrifice of Golgotha. We are present at the same work which Christ accomplished on the Cross and which Christ the Eternal High Priest is now and forever acting in Heaven in the presence of the Holy Trinity: the sacrifice of the eternal and everlasting Covenant.

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