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The Return of the Druids in Ireland -On The American TFP


Throughout its history, the struggle for the Irish soul has always been over its Druids. Ireland only abandons the ardor of the Faith when it allows its hidden Druids to return and dominate.

What the Druids Believed

 This is what has happened now. The Druid label fits perfectly on the political caste that has imposed divorce, same-sex “marriage” and now abortion on the Emerald Isle. The diviners, charmers, priest, magicians, astrologists and wizards of old were amazingly similar to their neo-pagan counterparts today.

The Druids’ principal doctrine supported a life without moral consequences since they believed the soul did not die but passed at death from one person to another. Although these frequenters of sacred oak groves are viewed as a priestly sect, they were quite secular. Their influence was much more social than religious since their role was mostly administrative and ceremonial. The Druids had no god of their own nor did they introduce any new divinity. They merely lived with the local gods as they were.

Finally, as a part of their duties, the Druids performed human sacrifices. It was their custom to have large wickerwork structures that were filled with people and then burned as part of their offerings to appease local divinities.http://www.tfp.org/the-return-of-the-druids-in-ireland/


The honoring of paganism surrounds us – with the newly emerged Catholic philosophy having confused the John Locke forma of egalitarian American version of freedom = freedom for each to do as one pleases and social laws and mores to respect AND honor what each person believes as opposed to the authentic Roman Catholic definition of freedom which is = freedom from sin ! And sin as interpreted by the precepts and commands as previously interpreted , determined, and fixed by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The honoring of paganism and pagan peoples can only attempt to change the truth by political statements and symbolic ceremony but in reality it can never change the truth that what the are attempting to embrace and partner with is incompatible with the Truth

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Devoid of the one true religion, paganism always and eventually (in each region and situation)  reverts to man’s lowest common denominator original sin – It takes out those pulling for the abolition of the majority’s access to mortal sin as “freedom” . it takes out the weaker, the less strong, the ill, the elderly, and the babies that it does not want and it will place them in the wicker cages of the Druids , the Aztecs, and the Incas and it will sacrifice them. We already know that the Lord promised that in the closing of one of the seven convents between God and man, the covenant between Noah and his people , God would never bring death to the world by flood ever again But when the 7th covenant between God and mankind ends ( the Eucharistic covenant ) the world will end by fire. The Mass of the Druids simulates these sacrificial fires in the name of their form of freedom – freedom to sin by fire. Prior to the missions of Roman Catholicism those pagan cultures , all of them , always had the solution for these: the  weaker , the minority ,  the authentic liturgical Trinitarian Christians ……kill them !