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Ireland legalized abortion on Ember Friday in Pentecost while the majority of the Catholic world failed to observe the fasting , abstinence and prayer

The news of the 65% to 35% landslide in favor of abortion comes down during the Catholic world’s failure to observe Ember Saturday , its specific prayers , fasting, abstinence and instead the party in the ballroom of the titanic continues without interruption despite the SS Titanic having already struck an iceburg and began taking on water.

The land beneath the feet of Ireland cries out for help. The Regina Caeli is recited and or sung for the last time of the season following the mid-day office. Pentecost octaves end with Planned Parenthood planning the investment of a half billion dollars in new factory mills to carry out the final solution for Ireland’s poor and challenged , kill them.

While on Holiday on the Feast of the Holy Trinity Sunday Rev. Robert Pasley at Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin a NJ suburb of Philadelphia ( the only traditional Rite only Diocesan Chapel in the State of NJ) gives a black and white , straight hard hitting account of reality .”” Ireland is no longer Catholic”” The Irish have returned to paganism. Watching the screaming young Irish cheering in that they can now murder children with a crazed look is evidence of the satanic.

All over the world the Truth is falling Europe is by majority no longer Catholic. Latin America slips to 50% Catholic and falling, as evil rises.

While Father Pasley discussed the rare places like the packed Mater Ecclesiae Church that follow the Truth in all its commandments and precepts, we’re surrounded by the anti-trinitarian false gospel. Arianism , islam , jehovahs , judaism, all deny the Divinity of Christ and all find partners in the secularist

The rise of modernism was ‘powered’ by what they called the spirit of Vatican II but what most of us that have studied the Council know was the actual documents , teachings and the betrayal of Bishops and Cardinals and the utter silence of the Pope.

This very Catholic Priest and positive example to all Catholic also quoted Prof. de Mattei’s article on Rorate in relation to the sermon he gave on the Holy Trinity

“Yet every Catholic who voted “yes”, and thus, the majority of Irish Catholics who went to the ballot boxes, have stained themselves with apostasy. The apostasy of a people whose constitution still opens with an invocation to the Most Holy Trinity.”


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“On Bloody Friday, in what was both a tragedy and a crime, the people of Ireland, lead by their first homosexual prime minister, voted overwhelmingly to reject the Author of Life and embrace the Father of Lies.”“After 16 centuries, and more than 60 generations, of Catholic Faith, Christian culture, and civilized morals, the Irish people have repudiated their religion, betrayed their heritage, scorned their ancestors, and abandoned their historic identity, only to descend into barbarism.”

“One notes with irony that 96 years after the independence of the country, the Irish have, once again, conformed  to the values of their former colonial masters. With the Abortion Act of 1967, the United Kingdom—with the exception of the six counties of Northern Ireland—became one of the first western European countries to legalize abortion.”

“No court or parliament is responsible for this. Ireland’s decision is unprecedented. Even in Nazi Germany, a majority never voted for mass murder. Now, nearly one and half million people will have innocent blood on their hands.”

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