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Painfully does our Pope scandalized the faithful as we continue to pray for his repentance


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Since the 9th and 10th centuries, known as the Iron Century of Papacy, there has been no sure, reliable news of a concubinarian bishop being rewarded with the title of cardinal. Being a Prince of the Church entails an important responsibility for the office holder, since he directly serves the Petrine ministry.


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IRELAND: a post-mortem examination – by Roberto de Mattei (Revisited)

Pope Francis often rails against corruption i.e. the traffic in slaves and arms along with the vanity of power and money. On June 11, 2014, in reference to corrupt politicians i.e. those who exploit “slave-work” and the “merchants of death” the Pope admonishes “may the fear of God make them understand that one day it will all end and they will have to give an account to God.” The “fear of God” opens the hearts of men “to the goodness, mercy and the caress of God”, but “it is also an alarm in the face of obstinate sin.

 Yet isn’t the application of laws regarding the vice against nature incomparably graver than the sins that the Pope recalls so frequently? Why didn’t the Pope launch a vigorous and heartfelt appeal to the Irish in the days prior to the vote, reminding them that the violation of the Divine and Natural Law is a social sin which the people and their pastors will one day have to give account to God for? With this silence, has he not also been an accomplice to this scandal?


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