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What ‘s Next ? Post Legalization Era Of Abortion Always Brings A Socialism Form Of Communism to A Country

Putting Ireland and the rest of western Europe aside for the moment, what happens when more Latin American countries inch toward the legalization of infanticide , the ones that already legalized same inch toward abortion on demand, legalized sex selection abortion, and the attempts to eliminate all birth defects (eugenics ) by killing them in the womb

What ALWAYS follows is socialized medicine , government controlled hospitals in life and death decision making business and real Catholic doctors that resist persecuted. What comes next from eugenics, is tax payer subsidizing of transgender creations, euthanasia for both young and old, government doctors and insurance managers revel in the growth of the temptations for power over life and death.  Killing becomes addictive , which old people get operations and which are denied. Liberals smooth over communism light with socialism justifications, They are just fights against “materialism”

It’s anthropocentrism gone wild. The failure at Vatican II to dig into the philosophies of communism and the theologies of freemasonry , their relationship to one another  the culture of death and publicly & formally denounce the infiltration of communism. The so-called progress of mankind has its natural end in his lowest common denominator which is original sin.  It’s natural end always has the strong determine the fate of the weak for the supposed greater good. This is what resulted from the proliferation of a new type of Catholicism in an ecumenism with a new type of neo-Protestantism that embraced “the world”. Saint Paul taught us in Sacred Scripture that we can ‘live in the world but not be of the world’

Many do not realize how deep the well goes, in how many unexplored legs the caterpillar has. One such subject, of the many not dug into in nearly enough depth, is the intrinsic relationship of the Catholic Pentecostal movement of Charismatic Catholicism to the socialism of liberation theology and how partnered the two have been in philosophy and hierarchy through its’ lifetime. Only now are traditional academic Catholics beginning to study these subjects amid the many people that are being used and deceived in a much broader movement.

Vatican II is the smoking gun. Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveria , founder of the Society for the Defense of Tradition family and property, put it in this way. He denounced the enigmatic disconcerting dreadful and apocalypticaly tragic silence that the Second Vatican Council kept with regard to Communism (which also explained the entire suppression of the 3rd secret of Fatima on the infiltration of the Catholic hierarchy and the suppression of the Consecration of Russia due to a Vatican deal with Russia with sitting dignitaries of Russia and eastern orthodox Patriarchs in attendance at Vatican II)

The Professor was quoted as saying publicly

“The council intended to be pastoral and not dogmatic In fact it had no dogmatic import. Moreover it’s omission with respect to communism may make it go down in history as the a-pastoral council par excellence. With its up-to-date tactics – about which nevertheless, the least that can be said is that they are debatable on the theoretical practical plane ( with some conciliar documents noting a dissonance with traditional teaching and even a systematic ambiguity that is incompatible with full orthodoxy) the Second Vatican Council attempted to drive away, so to speak, bees, wasps and birds of prey. Its silence on communism let the wolves run free. The work conducted by the Council cannot be written down as really pastoral; neither in history nor in the Book of Life.

  In is harsh to say it yet the factual evidence points , in this sense , to Vatican II as one of the greatest calamities, if not the greatest in the history of the Church . As a result of it “ the smoke of satan’ has penetrated into the Church to an unthinkable extent , and it is still spreading day by day , with the terrible expanding gases. To the scandal of countless souls, the Mystical Body of Christ has entered into a sinister process that could be called self-destruction.”

Among the common elements almost never discussed , we repeatedly find many . Upon Pope Paul VI death the grand master of the grand orient freemasonry in Italy proclaimed that Freemasonry was  proud for the first time in history to honor a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in Paul VI.

Several conservative and traditional Catholic dignitaries of the Italian government at the same time were murdered. Suddenly Pope John Paul I turns up dead after only one month in the chair of Peter, with more than several private testimonies of his murder.  Several Bishops that pushed for some of the most progressive changes to the Catholic Church at Vatican II and wrote & distributed volumes of propaganda left the Catholic Church following Vatican II after having served their self-destructive mission.The lodges of freemasonry in Rome are built on specific geographic points forming a pentagram , all but one point in the lower corner constructed , one whose properties they still continue to be unsuccessful at commandeering The fact that this sub-terrain world still goes on and is now coming to the surface in this Pontificate is most visible in the masonic Vatican banking scandals and several on-going trials that the US Catholic media refuse to cover. If you don’t read Italian and you are not a traditional rite Catholic it’s invisible to you just the way they want it . Progress, they say, must continue the belief in the evolution of the brotherhood of mankind. What they don’t tell you until you are bought in to this school of thought , eventually man becomes god.

Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveria , in respect to the TFP’s alliance with conservative and traditional Catholics at Vatican II, on the many tragic things they witnessed first-hand would latter follow-up to his writings in his Revolution and Counter Revolution book with a latter statement in 1989 “ When in the last part of Revolution and Counter Revolution was that Vatican II was the greatest calamity in Church history, I maintained something that I would maintain today much more vehemently than before.”

Only now are scholars beginning to study this era far enough out to collect all the data and its bad fruit in analyzing all the facts in an objective manner. Among which deeply runs their philosophy of the need to level all the classes from nobility /aristocracy down through the upper classes, the middle classes,  the merchant & skilled labor trades and their sodalities

In 1962 the Professor and TFP founder met with Cardinal Tisserant , the virtual MC of Vatican II , where the Cardinal confided in him that he participated in the high level negotiations with the schimatic Russian Orthodox “ “Moscow demanded that no one speak against communism at the Council and Rome agreed “ Subsequently,  all the schemas were lost , not processed, and suppressed at the Council. No one ever mentions that THIS was Archbishop Lefebvre’s main argument, secondly the Religious Liberty /Ecumenism heresy and the protestantization of the Liturgy was only third. Many don’t realize how deeply communism morphed into the Church in new shapes in liberation theology and was exported all over the world not just to Latin America And hence the theology of “the poor Church” , itself a heresy, was invented and propagated at this moment

And so what comes next after the legalization of abortion ?, the anthropocentric road map of Vatican II , self destruction resident within the culture of death hiding within the vehicle that drives it deeper into more countries , “Communism Light” , Socialism, Social Medicine, Liberation Theology, and the various aberration movements of the novus ordo , the new rite of the Catholic Church

Study and pray for the truth to emerge for the Truth shall set us all free !

Prayers for

A Catholic restoration minded Pope taking the name of the Pius line to take the Throne of Peter

Consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart Of Mary with All the Bishops

Infallibly denounce Communism, Socialism, and Liberation theology as abject evil in all its forms and hereby condemned

Begin the age of Mary and the declaration of the 5th Dogma of the Mediatrix , Coredemtrix, Advocatrix of All Graces

A  declaration of the restoration of the nobility and Roman Catholic aristocracy

Propagate the social teachings of the reign of the Kingship of Christ in government, society, schools , economics and banking

Restore the Sacred Heart of Jesus and suppress all pseudo devotions of false Mercy and condemn as anathema ecumenism with heresy and apostasy

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