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Persecution Of The SSPX Continues

LMS Chairman: Excommunication of SSPX faithful: LMS Press Release


Diocese Denies SSPX Couple to Become Godparents – On gloria.tv

They were denied by a religious sisters a Sister Regina Murphy who evidently
does not understand the current ” ecumenical ” relationships the Vatican has
with the SSPX whereby all Sacraments of Baptism . Penance, and Marriage
performed in SSPX Chapels have been ruled as valid Sacraments in Rome and
the rest pending a Canonical regularization of full Communion – Obviously
the sister religious denying the Godparents status to faithful Catholic is
one of the soldiers in the continuing revolution


Diocese of Buffalo Denies Catholicity of Society of St. Pius X – District of
the USA



Fr. Basilio Meramo expelled from SSPX by Bishop Fellay – Letter of reply


SSPX Sisters Elect a New Superior General – On EP


A Little Catechism Refuting The Errors Of Sedevacantism -By The SSPX


SSPX News Regarding the Marriage Debacle in Canada


Are We Really Free to do Everything We Want? – On Angelus Press


2017 Archives

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Lefebvrian marriages can be recognised – English – ANSA.it


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Sacrament of Marriages Masses Now Permitted By The SSPX

Step by step: Vatican issues Marriage Pastoral Guidelines for SSPX – On Rorate


Father Fausto Buzzi, SSPX

Editor’s Note: This is a translation of a recent interview given by Father Fausto Buzzi, Assistant to the SSPX Italy District Superior to Il Giornale last week. Please pray for our friend and valued Remnant translator and his family. MJM

Il Giornale: What still separates the Saint Pius X community from the Catholic Church?

Don Fausto Buzzi: It is necessary to point out that the Society of Saint Pius X is in no way separate from the Catholic Church. We are united to the Catholic Church and we never separated from Her, despite divergences with the authorities of the Church. We are not responsible for these divergences. Archbishop Lefebvre always used to say that he was condemned because of those very things for which the popes (particularly Pope Pius XII) used to praise him. Rome was the one who changed and, with Vatican II, she distanced herself from the centuries-old Tradition of the Church.

IG: A parish priest once said to me: “A lot of people talk of schism, but they don’t have the theological competence of a Marcel Lefebvre”. Is that the case?

FB: A lot of people criticize or condemn the Society of Saint Pius X without knowing it and without understanding the serious reasons which place it in a hostile situation in relation to the ecclesiastical authorities. Today, many people, priests and lay alike, are beginning to wonder what is going on in the Church and are opening their eyes to the fact that those who were categorized as schismatics for many years are perhaps those who have remained the most faithful to the Catholic Church and, paradoxically, the most faithful to the papacy. In our seminaries, Archbishop Lefebvre wanted us to study the Summa Theologica of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the other classical works of theology. I assure you that it was a great grace for us to receive such a profound and solid formation.

IG: What is your opinion of Pope Francis?

FB: For us, Pope Francis is neither worse nor better than the other Conciliar or Post-Conciliar Popes. He labors in the same workshop set up by John XXIII, that of the auto-demolition of the Catholic Church in order to build another – one which is in conformity with the liberal spirit of the world. I would go even further: the current Pope is not as responsible as Pope Paul VI. The latter made the Council, concluded it, and brought about all the reforms. And all of this is now the cause of the very grave crisis which we see in the Church. Of course, the actions and words of Pope Francis seem more serious than those of his predecessors. But this is not the case. Today’s media has the effect of amplifying things much more than in the past. In substance, however, the acts of Paul VI are much more serious than those of Francis.

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