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Did Drugs Administered to Alfie Evans in His Final Hours Cause His Death? – Here Steve Skojek gives us the insiders information about what is surmised to be true from multiple sources – and guides us to the next logical conclusions – On One OnePeterFive


Hospital That Ended Alfie Evans’ Life Was Caught Keeping Hundreds of Aborted Babies | LifeNews.com


Mom writes scathing letter to top UK cardinal for not supporting Alfie Evans and his parents | News | LifeSite


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Alfie and the Natural Law – Dr. Joseph Shaw — On LMS Chairman


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Watch – Abuse Of Power – ( By the Bishops ) Need To Be Called Out – On The Vortex- On CMTV

“So, if you are a parent in Texas and your little child becomes incapacitated and hospitalized, after 10 days the decision of how to proceed with his care or to not proceed with his care is out of your hands — a denial of your natural law rights to be the decision maker.”


104 Year Old Scientist With No Major Illnesses Will Fly Across Australia In Order To Murder Himself And Enter Hell Faster Because He Is Indoctrinated In The Culture Of Death  

David Goodall: Scientist, 104, begins trip to end his life – BBC News



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The case of Alfie Evans: what does Catholic tradition say? | On The Jesuit America Magazine

THE JESUITS ARE CLAIMING THE POPE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT SUPPORTING THE BLOCKADE AGAINST ENDING THE CHILD’S LIFE  ?!– But that Pope Francis was merely offering “pastoral” support to the Evans family in “a way that the family needed to hear” which is absolutely false

In their Teaching vs. Ideology Paragraphs – they say

The church does not teach that every possible recourse must be taken to preserve life. The social dialogue on end of life is too often driven by “ideologues,” Father Paris complains. “They are not interested in the tradition but their ideology, and that often drives them into positions that are contrary to the tradition.” FALSE

Magisterial teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as established most clearly by Pope Pius XII and other Popes teaches that every possible recourse must be taken to preserve life and furthermore even brain death is not true death nor a final proclamation of death but the soul lives on within the supposedly ‘brain dead’

ALSO FALSE IS – “Father Paris has asked hundreds of audiences across the country over the years whether they would want to be maintained by a ventilator in persistent, well-diagnosed vegetative state or allowed to die. Out of thousands so polled, he says, only two audience members have ever expressed a desire to be kept alive under such difficult circumstances.”

A Christianity by democracy – a false proposed – premise of Vatican II


Despite our mentoring professor Prof. de Mattei,  to which we hold the highest respect for , in his urging traditional Catholics that are restoration movement minded not to refer to the crisis as the two Churches – Pardona scusami – there are unavoidably indeed two Churches within the Catholic Church – In a world lacking clear statements, absolute clarity says this new religion is made up of liars – The modernists – among whom are numbered these progressivist Jesuits are liars and ideological warriors –

In contrast to this sheer ideology there have been a number of excellent traditional Catholic studies on the matter – that have collected all the traditional Catholic teachings on the matter

One excellent place to refer to is Dr. Paul Byrne a neonatology surgical expert and Life Guardian Foundation founder and a most excellent traditional Catholic book “Finis Vitae”

Life Guardian Foundation ? To Protect and Preserve Life


If you think …oh the Alphie case that’s the UK not the US Listen / Watch

Does the Government Own Your Organs? What You a Don’t Know Can Kill You | Dr Paul A Byrne MD – YouTube

This means that the tick box on the DMV license form that indicates NOT an organ donor is a trick to get people to believe they’ve made a decision against in many cases to save their lives from the new organ vultures . Well guess what – federal law says the government owns your organs unless you file an affidavit type form. Without this form, in various justifications and circumstances, they take your organs while , as always , you are still alive – Every organ donor person is dissected ALIVE while the soul is still in the body – with no anesthesia or pain killers so as not to contaminate the new organ – especially heart and liver transplants. Transplant surgery euthanizes the donor at the completion of every transplant surgery – and partial liver transplants die within days . There is a law created Uniform Determination Of Death Act – And also the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act – has changed the law to PRESUME that all citizens are automatically organ donors UNLESS COMPLETELY & LEGALLY PROVEN OTHEWISE BY RELATIVES (most of whom have no idea of the background or what is going on) – Beware this law is now a State law in 47 States – In any car accident or serious health issue of any of your friends and loved ones – that person automatically becomes prey. Also under the Hippo law the government can use your information to get your organs Especially if the person(s) are between the ages of 14 and 40 and in a life endangering state of health they are now the most vulnerable to the vulture hunters, to which each body in that demographic is worth $3M to $5M dollars. Unlike aborted baby parts business this is currently legal in 47 states

Follow this 45 Minute Interview of Dr. Paul Byrne and you’ll understand the issue completely


In many other cases – when it is not a case of a camp of organ vested doctors wanting the organs – It’s a case of the new breed of eugenic trained doctors based in the ideology of their licensed power of determining what is a quality of life for each person, who deserves to live and who would be an uninsured burden to the system and in need of additional care givers,  they are taught to serve the matrix and defend against any imposition against its reign


Knights Of The Immaculata – Defend The Truth At All Costs


May 4 – St. Gothard of Hildesheim – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Gothard was born in the Bavarian village of Reichersdorf. Ratmund, his father,worked for the Canons of the neighboring Benedictine Abbey of Nieder-Altaich.

 Educated by the Benedictines, the young Bavarian attracted the attention of the bishops of Passau and Regensburg, and the favor of the Archbishop of Salzburg. The latter made the studious youth Provost of the Canons at age nineteen.

 When the Benedictine rule was restored in Nieder-Altaich, Gothard, by now a priest, became a monk in the abbey. He went on to become abbot, his installation being honored by the presence of St. Henry, then Duke of Bavaria, and later Emperor, and who greatly esteemed the holy abbot. St. Cunegunde, the wife of the saintly Emperor, embroidered a belt for Gothard, which was long venerated as a relic.

 When the see of Hildesheim became vacant, St. Henry nominated Gothard to the post, to which the saint submitted complying with the wishes of his monarch and the support of the clergy.

 Despite being already sixty years old, he threw himself into the work of his diocese with the zest and energy of a young man. He restored and built many churches, fostered education, and built a hospice for his beloved sick in the outskirts of Hildesheim.

 Though he had a great love for the truly needy, he looked askance at able-bodied professional tramps. He called them “peripatetics” and would not allow them to stay more than two or three days in his hospice.

The holy bishop died after a brief illness on May 4, 1038, and was canonized in 1131.


St. Godard Church, Hildesheim_Hinterer_Brühl


From the Book of Revelation 22:1-9 The river of life-giving water

The angel showed me the river of life-giving water, clear as crystal, which issued from the throne of God and of the Lamb and flowed down the middle of the streets. On either side of the river grew the trees of life which produce fruit twelve times a year, once each month; their leaves serve as medicine for the nations. Nothing deserving a curse shall be found there. The throne of God and of the Lamb shall be there, and his servants shall serve him faithfully. They shall see him face to face and bear his name on their foreheads. The night shall be no more. They will need no light from lamps or the sun, for the Lord God shall give them light, and they shall reign forever.

The angel said to me: “These words are trustworthy and true; the Lord, the God of prophetic spirits, has sent his angel to show his servants what must happen very soon.”

“Remember, I am coming soon! Happy the man who heeds the prophetic message of this book!”

It is I, John, who heard and saw all these things, and when I heard and saw them I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed them to me. But he said to me: “No, get up! I am merely a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets and those who heed the message of this book. Worship God alone!”

From a sermon by Blessed Isaac of Stella, abbot Firstborn of many brothers

Just as the head and body of a man form one single man, so the Son of the Virgin and those he has chosen to be his members form a single man and the one Son of Man. Christ is whole and entire, head and body, say the Scriptures, since all the members form one body, which with its head is one Son of Man, and he with the Son of God is one Son of God, who himself with God is one God. Therefore the whole body with its head is Son of Man, Son of God, and God. This is the explanation of the Lord’s words: Father, I desire that as you and I are one, so they may be one with us.

And so, according to this well-known reading of Scripture, neither the body without the head, nor the head without the body, nor the head and body without God make the whole Christ. When all are united with God they become one God. The Son of God is one with God by nature; the Son of Man is one with him in his person; we, his body, are one with him sacramentally. Consequently those who by faith are spiritual members of Christ can truly say that they are what he is: the Son of God and God himself. But what Christ is by his nature we are as his partners; what he is of himself in all fullness, we are as participants. Finally, what the Son of God is by generation, his members are by adoption, according to the text: As sons you have received the Spirit of adoption, enabling you to cry, Abba, Father.

Through his Spirit, he gave men the power to become sons of God, so that all those he has chosen might be taught by the firstborn among many brothers to say: Our Father, who are in heaven. Again he says elsewhere: I ascend to my Father and to your Father.

By the Spirit, from the womb of the Virgin, was born our head, the Son of Man; and by the same Spirit, in the waters of baptism, we are reborn as his body and as sons of God. And just as he was born without any sin, so we are reborn in the forgiveness of all our sins. As on the cross he bore the sum total of the whole body’s sins in his own physical body, so he gave his members the grace of rebirth in order that no sin might be imputed to his mystical body. It is written: Blessed is the man to whom the Lord imputes no sin. The blessed man of this text is undoubtedly Christ, who forgives sins insofar as God is his head. Insofar as this man is the head of the body, no sin is forgiven him. But insofar as the body that belongs to this head consists of many members, sin is not imputed to it.

Just in himself, it is he who justifies himself. He alone is both Savior and saved. In his own body on the cross he bore what he had washed from his body by the waters of baptism. Bringing salvation through wood and through water, he is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world which he took upon himself. Himself a priest, he offers himself as sacrifice to God, and he himself is God. Thus, through his own self, the Son is reconciled to himself as God, as well as to the Father and to the Holy Spirit.