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May 1st Saint Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII against the communist worker movement and the may pole and its symbols

Going to St. Joseph in a Time of Chaos by Andrea Chamberlain


Saint Joseph’s Day – Wikipedia

At the same time, Pope Pius XII established an additional Feast of “St. Joseph the Worker”, to be celebrated on 1 May, in order to coincide with the celebration of International Workers’ Day (May Day) in many countries. Until this time, 1 May had been the Feast of the Apostles Saint Philip and James, but that Feast was then moved to the next free day, 11 May (and again to 3 May, in 1969, having become free in the meantime). In the new calendar published in 1969, (the New Rite ) the Feast of Saint Joseph The Worker, which at one time occupied the highest possible rank in the Church calendar, was reduced to an optional Memorial, the lowest rank for a saint’s day.[4]

[4]Calendarium Romanum (Libreria Editrice Vaticana 1969), p. 92



The Catholic Worker Movement (1933-1980): A Critical Analysis by Dr. Carol Byrne

The book referenced also explores the CWM’s commitment to ecumenism, religious liberty, liberation theology, worker priests and liturgical experimentation that it had been promoting for decades before Vatican II. It shows how these phenomena contributed to the long process of moral dissolution culminating in the 1960s that helped to normalize anarchy and dissent within the Church and promiscuity, homosexuality and radical feminism among the American public.


On the Rule of Law – and What Likely Happens when It Is Not Present –
On OnePeterFive

Maike Hickson insightfully makes the connection between ‘the new religion of
the rights of the state, the coming plight of China and the Communist
State that is increasingly imposed by our own Church’

‘Cardinal Joseph Zen is calling for help while the Vatican prepares an
agreement with Communist China that would favor those Catholics in the
country who have made their compromise with the Communists, thus leaving the
loyal Catholics out in the cold.’


Featured here today

On the history of Communism in the beginning of its collaboration at Vatican II , the suppression of all condemnations of Communism , and agreements with Catholic conciliar hierarchy’s agreement with Russia – Professor Roberto de Mattei has some interesting historical chronological insights here in excerpts from his History of Vatican II The Untold Story (2010)

In a snaphsot from same

Archbishop Ngo Dinh-Thuc of Vietnam representing eastern block communist infiltrated countries testifies his complaint against what the hierarchy is doing and the the blatant omissions in the working groups and Commissions and the deals with Russia over the Central Preparatory Commissions work on the onset of the 1st session of the 2nd Vatican Council

He makes the clear connection between Communism and Islam which are essentially directly analogous on multiple planes of cultural perspectives and history

Archbishop Ngo Dinh-Thuc of Vietnam

“Our Central Preparatory Commission has until now examined many problems, but communism seems to me to be the problem of problems; indeed, it concerns the very existence of Christianity, which communism has put in the utmost danger. To discuss other problems from Communism would be to follow the example of the theologians of Constantinople who were bitterly debating about the sex of the angels while the Mohammedan army threatened the very walls of the city. The sorrowful condition of the Church in China is perhaps the result of a lack of preparation. However with regard to the countries that are presently in the hands of the communists, for example Laos and Vietnam it seems to me that the Catholics, and above  all the of the Catholic world, must not limit their concern to saying a few prayers, but can offer very powerful help by arousing public opinion among their fellow countrymen on behalf of oppressed nations.

We are all stupefied by the silence of the Catholic world with regard to the agony of the most unfortunate Laotian people and the passion the Vietnamese people are going through, while in the meantime one hears everywhere the voice of the communists and their accomplices who live in the democratic nations of which some are Catholic, who prefer to howl and the wolves , the voice I say, of those who condemn the victims and glorify their executioners ”

PDF on the link below —>

Communisms Acceptance & Deals At Vatican II from Prof R. de Mattei’s Seminal Work – The 2nd Vatican Council – The Untold Story

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*** Faithful Catholics Grimace But The Truth Is That Islam Shows Its True Colors And Origins Over And Over Again In Its Analogous Relationship To Communism And Its Ideological Infiltration Into The Catholic Hierarchy***


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By contrast, Church leaders and Pope Francis in particular, have become, in effect, enablers of Islam. Pope Francis has denied that Islam sanctions violence, has drawn a moral equivalence between Islam and Catholicism (“If I speak of Islamic violence, I must speak of Catholic violence”), and has campaigned for the admittance of millions of Muslim migrants into Europe. Moreover, he has criticized those who oppose his open borders policy as hard-hearted xenophobes. In return for his efforts, he has been publicly thanked by several Muslim leaders for his “defense of Islam.”


God Rewarded Christendom For the Reconquista and the First Crusade with Wisdom and Civilization – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


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Just like the Scripture foretells – that they will not see the warning signs –
They will go about laughing and drinking , marrying and giving their wives


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Richard the First and How to Become Lionhearted

Valor is found not only in physical battle. Valor is what we are called to every day. When we fail and fall, we are called to persevere. Sometimes it is the strength to refuse to compromise. Sometimes it is the prudence to hold the line while the enemy advances. It is not to retreat in the hopes that things will get better without you.

Culture is the battlefield of Western nations today. We may not ever be called to take up arms in defense of the Church, but we are here to fight in other ways. The world needs the Church, and we need the courage to support her. The greatest courage is to know that we will lose and to fight anyway. All victories in this world are temporary until the Lord returns in glory.

Remember the Lionheart in your battles in this world. Take up your cross daily, and help others who are down. Take the offensive, and guard your flanks.



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Kidnapped by Muslims and raised to be their champion, this Christian hero
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Jesus in Saint Joseph’s Carpenter workshop,Gerard van Honthorstoil on canvas @ Saint Petersburg Hermitage museum