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Alder Hey Hospital stirred memories. This hospital was at the center of a scandal at the end of the last century. Between 1988 and 1995, it was revealed that, without parental consent, the hospital had harvested 2,080 organs, removed from 800 children. Also without consent, Alder Hey had stored 1,500 unborn babies bodies that had been miscarried, stillborn or aborted.


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The nephew of a renowned German Catholic philosopher and fierce opponent of Hitler, Dietrich von Hildebrand (1889-1977), has written an open letter to the bishops of England and Wales denouncing their response to Alfie Evans as an “abject failure.”


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Where is the Church headed ?!

Anyone can see it – the corporate road map, the policies , and the constitutions are all laid out for anyone to read in the Vatican II documents at the root of where we are today

They clearly state that the Church must cooperate with other religions and yield the former theocratic government of the Church to that of individual States in every single one of its documents

( The Rights Of Man Above The Rights Of God )

Bishop de Procenca Siguad of Jacarenzinho and Diamantina

Attempted to inform the preparatory commissions of Vatican II what was really going on

“The revolutionary process begins at the end of the middle ages with the pagan Renaissance, and made great strides during the pseudo-reformation. During the French revolution it destroyed the political and social foundation of the Church. During the conquest then of the Papal States it thought that is was destroying the Holy See. With the confiscation and secularization of the properties of religious orders and dioceses it dispersed the patrimony of the Church. With modernism it created an extremely serious internal crisis , and most recently with communism it created a decisive instrument for banishing the Christian name from the earth.

The greatest strength of the revolution comes from the cunning use of human passions. Communism created the science of revolution, and its most basic weapons are , unbridled human passions methodically stirred up. The revolution uses two vices as forces to destroy Catholic society and to build atheistic society ; sensuality and pride. These disordered passions are directed scientifically to as specific end , and they are submitted to the iron discipline of their masters in order to raze the city of God to its foundations and build instead the city of man. They welcome dictatorship, promote poverty as a passing tool to promote the social order of the anti-Christ .”

The Bishop  continued

‘These matters are presented in such subtle ways that a less well –informed Catholic does not grasp the malice of the teaching

Although the evil of the teaching is not perceived, the Catholic retains the perverse principal in his soul in a latent and active way, and without noticing it gradually becomes imbued with this principal, and with the spirit of the revolution”

The Council he said MUST find it necessary to reissue the Syllabus of Pius IX including in it the errors of socialism , those of Marc Sangnier, the Sillon and the entire social heresy of Jacques Maritain. Causing extreme harm to the Church especially in Latin America. The young clergy are ruined through studying and embracing it.

“The idolatry of democracy, the idols of the Christian Democrats, the errors of the concepts of the Priesthood of the laity, the errors concerning obedience and religious vows, sympathetic positions toward communism , re-evaluating and overthrowing concepts of personal property, and re-introducing pantheism through false acceptances of evolution.

The Vatican suddenly began to approve of Maritain and France made him their Ambassador to the Holy See.

This is the enemy’s Trojan horse strategy – syncretism with modernism – Dissolve Catholic principals and morality and declare them LESSER EVILS- …sound prophetically familiar ?!

Catholics must cooperate and adapt to non-Catholics, the myths of good faith and the abjectly false notions of some truth in every religion is a masonic brain washing.”

Bishop de Procenca Siguad called for “science of counter-revolution” to be adopted as the focal point of the Vatican II Council – He was dismissed following the first Session of the Vatican II Council as were all the conservative and traditionalist Cardinals and Bishops. The Pope then passed a moto-proprio that he no longer needed a 2/3 majority to change the Council seats and beginning in the 2nd of 4 sessions stacked the deck with liberals and dismissed the alarms warnings of the masonic direction of the Church by de Procenca Siguad , which in the first session were the majority and at the start of the 2nd sessions were reduced (by moto-proprio ) to the minority

It then took less than Twenty years from the Council to the 1980s for the results of the revolution and the desired self –destruction to take root. Many masonic Bishops were quoted as saying we must teach the people to not only accept the necessity of destroying the old in order to build the new Church but to make them workers in the movement

Statements Of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre form the late 1980s begins to ring as prophetic

“It’s very difficult to say, “This man is a Freemason,” “This man is a Freemason,” or “This man is a Freemason.” We don’t know. It’s very difficult. It is certain that there are some cardinals, some bishops, cardinals in the Curia, or monsignors or secretaries of congregations in Rome that are Freemasons. That is certain because the Freemasons themselves have said that. They have said that they have in their lodge some priests and bishops. It is certain that there are some cardinals and many monsignors in Rome who do the same work as the Freemasons; they have the same thinking, the same mind.”  ~Archbishop Lefebvre, 1986 interview, St. Michael’s Mission, Atlanta, GA

Servants of globalism

So by way of conclusion, either we are the heirs of the Catholic Church, i.e., of Quanta Cura, of Pascendi, with all the popes down to the Council and with the great majority of bishops prior to the Council, for the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for the salvation of souls; or else we are the heirs of those who strive, even at the price at breaking with the Catholic Church and her doctrine, to acknowledge the principles of the Rights of Man, based on a veritable apostasy, in order to obtain a place as servants in the Revolutionary World Government. That is it. They will manage to get quite a good place as servants in the Revolutionary World Government because, by saying they are in favor of the Rights of Man, religious liberty, democracy and human equality, clearly they are worth being given a position as servants in the World Government.

Vatican II is profoundly wrong

This fight between the Church and the liberals and modernism is the fight over Vatican II. It is as simple of that. And the consequences are far-reaching.

The more one analyzes the documents of Vatican II, and the more one analyzes their interpretation by the authorities of the Church, the more one realizes that what is at stake is not merely superficial errors, a few mistakes, ecumenism, religious liberty, collegiality, a certain Liberalism, but rather a wholesale perversion of the mind, a whole new philosophy based on modern philosophy, on subjectivism to the revolution.

Ours an ancient struggle against the revolution

“”Well, these texts are astounding, quite astounding! I shall quote you a few texts shortly. It is incredible. In the last few weeks.  I have been spending a little time re-reading the book by Emmanuel Barbier on liberal Catholicism. And it is striking to see how our fight now is exactly the same fight as was being fought then by the great Catholics of the 19th century, in the wake of the French Revolution, and by the popes, Pius VI, Pius VII, Pius VIII, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, and so on, Pius X, down to Pius XII.

Their fight is summed up in the encyclical Quanta Cura with the Syllabus of Pius IX, and Pascendi Dominici Gregis of Pius X. There are the two great documents, sensational and shocking in their day, laying out the Church’s teaching in face of the modern errors, the errors appearing in the course of the Revolution, especially in the Declaration of the Rights of Man. This is the fight we are in the middle of today. Exactly the same fight.

There are those who are for the Syllabus and Pascendi, and there are those who are against. It is simple. It is clear. Those who are against are adopting the principles of the French Revolution, the modern errors. Those who are for the Syllabus and Pascendi remain within the true Faith, within Catholic doctrine.

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We’re surrounded by the new philosophies

We’re continually told by Catholics of all ranks that they are essentially good ….but are they ?!

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The Church of Man – I – A Fundamental Inversion in the Goals of the Church by Robert P. Banaugh, Ph.D.

The Conciliar Church assumed the humanist ideals of Freemasonry;
photograph inset a Mass said for Freemasons in Brazil


Grand Lodge of Italy Proposes Union with Pope Bergoglio


Well guess what “They’re here” ….The former foundation philosophers have turned into orthopraxic revolutionaries and they seek modernist liberal reforms ….much of which is not even compatible with liberal protestantism. They now occupy, as self-predicted, the highest echelons of the Church

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  • First Strategy: Deprive Christians of an Enemy
  • Second Strategy: Deprive Christians of an Ally
  • Third Strategy: Disguise Evil by Making It Look Good
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The Economist (Saint Antoninus) – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

” The literary productions of St. Antoninus, while giving evidence of the eminently practical turn of his mind, show that he was a profound student of history and theology. ”

Many do not realize that in the late 1400s prior to his death he fought the emergence of protestantism in society He saw the social and economic revamping of banking systems and the undermining of Catholic teaching against interest (usury) as undermining Catholic culture , the creation of economic denominationalism that would undermine the central authority of the Church and give rise to theological denominationalism that would war with the Church and needed to be fought in its earliest stages He wrote a most interesting Summa of his own that most of us have read and digested




From the Book of Revelation 19:11-21 The victory of the Word of God

The heavens were opened, and as I, John, looked on, a white horse appeared; its rider was called “The Faithful and True.” Justice is his standard in passing judgment and in waging war. His eyes blazed like fire, and on his head were many diadems. Inscribed on his person was a name known to no one but himself. He wore a cloak that had been dipped in blood, and his name was the Word of God. The armies of heaven were behind him riding white horses and dressed in fine linen, pure and white. Out of his mouth came a sharp sword for striking down the nations. He will shepherd them with an iron rod; it is he who will tread out in the winepress the blazing wrath of God the Almighty. A name was written on the part of the cloak that covered his thigh: “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Next I saw an angel standing on the sun. He cried out in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midheaven: “Come! Gather together for the great feast God has prepared for you! You are to eat the flesh of kings, of commanders and warriors, of horses and their riders; the flesh of all men, the free and the slave, the small and the great.” Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth, and the armies they had mustered to do battle with the One riding the horse, and with his army. The beast was captured along with the false prophet who performed in its presence the prodigies that led men astray, making them accept the mark of the beast and worship its image. Both were hurled down alive into the fiery pool of burning sulphur. The rest were slain by the sword which came out of the mouth of the One who rode the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on the flesh of the slain.

From a sermon by Saint Gregory of Nyssa, bishop The first born of the new creation

The reign of life has begun, the tyranny of death is ended. A new birth has taken place, a new life has come, a new order of existence has appeared, our very nature has been transformed! This birth is not brought about by human generation, by the will of man, or by the desire of the flesh, but by God.

If you wonder how, I will explain in clear language. Faith is the womb that conceives this new life, baptism the rebirth by which it is brought forth into the light of day. The Church is its nurse; her teachings are its milk, the bread from heaven is its food. It is brought to maturity by the practice of virtue; it is wedded to wisdom; it gives birth to hope. Its home is the kingdom; its rich inheritance the joys of paradise; its end, not death, but the blessed and everlasting life prepared for those who are worthy.

This is the day the Lord has made – a day far different from those made when the world was first created and which are measured by the passage of time. This is the beginning of a new creation. On this day, as the prophet says, God makes a new heaven and a new earth. What is this new heaven? you may ask. It is the firmament of our faith in Christ. What is the new earth? A good heart, a heart like the earth, which drinks up the rain that falls on it and yields a rich harvest.

In this new creation, purity of life is the sun, the virtues are the stars, transparent goodness is the air, and the depths of the riches of wisdom and knowledge, the sea. Sound doctrine, the divine teachings are the grass and plants that feed God’s flock, the people whom he shepherds; the keeping of the commandments is the fruit borne by the trees.

On this day is created the true man, the man made in the image and likeness of God. For this day the Lord has made is the beginning of this new world. Of this day the prophet says that it is not like other days, nor is this night like other nights. But still we have not spoken of the greatest gift it has brought us. This day destroyed the pangs of death and brought to birth the firstborn of the dead.

I ascend to my Father and to your Father, to my God and to your God. O what wonderful good news! He who for our sake became like us in order to make us his brothers, now presents to his true Father his own humanity in order to draw all his kindred up after him.