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Forced Euthanasia Comes Into International Focus

Euthanasia is illegal suicide and mortal sin by Roman Catholic teaching, in all circumstances , even in the gravest of suffering conditions , it is part of our Trinitarian God’s plan not ours

In focus now is Alfie Evans in the UK’s Alder Hospital For Children and the rights of the state to kill him over the rights of the parents to keep him alive , in whatever condition , and care for him.


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Involuntary Euthanasia


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From the treatise Against Heresies by Saint Irenaeus, bishop Preaching truth

The Church, which has spread everywhere, even to the ends of the earth, received the faith from the apostles and their disciples. By faith, we believe in one God, the almighty Father who made heaven and earth and the sea and all that is in them. We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who became man for our salvation. And we believe in the Holy Spirit who through the prophets foretold God’s plan: the coming of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, his birth from the Virgin, his passion, his resurrection from the dead, his ascension into heaven, and his final coming from heaven in the glory of his Father, to recapitulate all things and to raise all men from the dead, so that, by the decree of his invisible Father, he may make a just judgment in all things and so that every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth to Jesus Christ our Lord and our God, our Savior and our King, and every tongue confess him.

The Church, spread throughout the whole world, received this preaching and this faith and now preserves it carefully, dwelling as it were in one house. Having one soul and one heart, the Church holds this faith, preaches and teaches it consistently as though by a single voice. For though there are different languages, there is but one tradition.

The faith and the tradition of the churches founded in Germany are no different from those founded among the Spanish and the Celts, in the East, in Egypt, in Libya and elsewhere in the Mediterranean world. Just as God’s creature, the sun, is one and the same the world over, so also does the Church’s preaching shine everywhere to enlighten all men who want to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Now of those who speak with authority in the churches, no preacher however forceful will utter anything different — for no one is above the Master — nor will a less forceful preacher diminish what has been handed down. Since our faith is everywhere the same, no one who can say more augments it, nor can anyone who says less diminish it.


St. Mark the Evangelist, saint of April 25 – By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira



Fra Angelico depicts the storm from Heaven that fell on Alexandria at the death of St. Mark