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Event: The FSSP at 30 – On Rorate


*** That Is The Traditional Catholic faith and Mass Here Is The New ***

Paul VI and the Liturgical Reform. He Approved It, But Didn’t Like It Much – Magister On  Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Paul VI’s Dislike of the Liturgical Reform – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

Liturgical Music Is a Double-Edged Sword – by Maestro Aurelio Porfiri- On

The decadence of liturgical music is a tragedy of our times, not only for the Catholic Church but for culture at large.

Archive Review Of The Prof Dietrich Von Hildebrand Book The Devastated Vineyard By Michael Davies On Angelus

In this Preface he sets out the purpose of his book in very clear terms:

“The purpose of this book is, first of all, to give a short, clear presentation of the principal errors which are being presented today as a breakthrough to the “modern” man who has “come of age,” whom one can supposedly no longer expect to believe the teaching of the Church in the form it has taken up to now . . . Secondly, we shall especially try to unmask those hidden, subtle errors which are usually introduced under beautiful, apparently noble titles, and whose danger is often overlooked even by believing Catholics.”

The New Church vs. The Traditional Catholic Church Side By Side

The Mass – The Liverpool People’s Cathedral by Kaede Lira


Ascent To Vatican II Is Not Required To Be A Catholic

Msgr. Ocáriz’s Serious Theological Blunder by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira


106 years ago 3 Roman Catholic priests died on RMS Titanic refusing to save themselves.– On

Fr Thomas Byles – Should Be Declared A Titanic Servant Of God