We have frequently pointed to the intersection of converging elements of the culture of death, abortion, legal suicide, homosexuality, transgenderism, contraception, as exampled in this 2017 news collection of articles. Where it is evidenced that the elements of this revolution share resources politically, spiritually, and financially [The Pro-Life Culture vs. The Culture Of Death – The War Within Society And The Church Is Nearing Equal | TCE | https://traditionalcatholicsemerge.com/2017/04/07/the-pro-life-culture-vs-the-culture-of-death-the-war-within-society-and-the-church-is-nearing-equal/]

The biggest abortion supporters are strangely enough, you guesed it , the homosexualist community. Now we have mounting empirical evidence as presented by Linda Harvey at a Cleveland Right To Life Convention that you can read about and watch her outstanding 45 minute talk here. See also the many inter-related stories that follow – especially that of the fight against the sexualization of public education

The surprising reason why LGBT and abortion activists have been close allies from the beginning | News | LifeSite

The pro-abortion and LGBT movements are linked spiritually, ideologically and politically, a Christian pro-family advocate says. Because of this, it has become more important than ever before for pro-life and family advocates to unite against these enemies of life and the family. 



Linda Harvey – Bringing America Back to Life 2018 – YouTube

Former abortion volunteer and Christian convert Linda Harvey explained to a recent pro-life conference how the LGBT and abortion movements have the common elements of rejecting God’s plan for humanity and targeting children. 


Students accuse Notre Dame of ‘fearing the queers’ after gay man committed to chastity speaks on campus – The College Fix


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Sociology prof warns: Porn, On-l ine Dating, And Contraception Is Screwing UpYoung Womnen- On The College Fix


Maine Anti Pro-Life Protest Law Survives | The Daily Caller


Rome Yanks Largest Pro-Life Poster in Its History

Unsurprising was the tight connection between the elements of the culture of
death  “The first one to demand the poster’s removal was Democratic Party Senator Monica Cirinnà, champion of LGBT rights and author of the bill that
eventually sanctioned homosexual civil unions in Italy.”


Jesuit Magazine And Cardinal Joseph Tobin Reassures Gays in the Church

Cdl Tobin warns against temptation to shrink Catholic community to pure members | America Magazine


Archive from 2017 Cardinal Tobin Pro-Homosexual NY Times Write Up – As Church Shifts, a Cardinal Welcomes Gays; They Embrace a ‘Miracle’ – On The New York Times


Malta Prelate Praises Gay Unions – On CMTV


Catholic MP introduces bill to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland | CatholicHerald.co.uk


Argentinian Nun Says Pope Advocates Contraception. Again. – OnePeterFive


Pedophile Becomes Fire Chief, Cannabis Activist Gets Life » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


Sex-abuse report of children  looms over Catholic dioceses | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Petition to Stop The Madness As Boston Marathon Lets Men Run as Women – On Return to Order


Scriptures Against Homosexuality



*** Infanticide – Abortion***

The State of Abortion | Mic’d Up On St Michael’s Media CMTV


Pro-Life News – Planned Parenthood launches ad blitz against Trump judicial nominee | News | LifeSite


NJ Catholic School Gets Backlash for Pushing Gay Agenda -CMTV


NJ Catholic School Gets Backlash for Pushing Gay Agenda -On gloria.tv


Teacher slammed for pushing LGBT to 5-year-olds on Day of Pink | LifeSite


Pope Francis Speaks Out for Alfie Evans After Meeting His Father: “It’s Our Duty to Do Everything to Care for Life” | LifeNews.com


FDA announces new restrictions on birth control implant after reports of dangerous side effects | News | LifeSite



*** Contraception***

Bye bye contraception ban edicts – the reversal of Humanae Vitae. Yet another Papal heresy on the rise

Adieu, Humanae Vitae – On EP


Reconsidering Contraception and the Way of Life – Crisis Magazine


The five Countries with the most amount of Catholics that are clearly under sustained public/overt attack as well as clandestine attacks by Satan 


Malta archbishop open to contraceptive use by married couples? : News Headlines | Catholic Culture

Attempts to make a distinction between chemical contraception and chemical abortifacients that contain a common chemical and the commonality of being produced by the same pharmaceutical companies . This support also violates Thomas Aquinas teachings on secondary (mortal ) sin in support of companies and concerns involved in grave evil


Watch – Catholic Population Control | The Vortex


Are Catholic Charities Part Of The Culture Of Death And Funding The Abortion and Contraception Movement With Novus Ordo Parishioners Money ?

Ep. 42 – Michael Hichborn on The Lepanto Institute and Corruption in Catholic Organizations – OnePeterFive


Vatican Begins Mounting Its Attack Against Celibacy And Contraception | TCE |


St. Galdinus of Milan, Saint of April 18

The only thing worthy of comment from this selection is his apostolic ardor that drove him to fight heresy until the last breath of his life.

We see that he was very sick, worn out from his many labors. When he went to celebrate Mass, he found himself without the strength to say it. But, he was so opposed to the enemy that, even in this weak state, he ascended to the pulpit and gave a great sermon against the heretics, a sermon more energetic and ardent than all the others he had delivered before. This was his last act; after that he died.



As counter-revolutionaries, we should always be ready to fight against error & heresy

From the Book of Revelation 9:1-12 The plague of locusts

The fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I, John, saw a star fall from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the abyss; he opened it and smoke poured out of the shaft like smoke from an enormous furnace. The sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the shaft. Out of the smoke, onto the land, came locusts as powerful as scorpions in their sting. The locusts were commanded to do no harm to the grass in the land or to any plant or tree but only to those men who had not the seal of God on their foreheads. The locusts were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months; the pain they inflicted was like that of a scorpion’s sting. During that time these men will seek death but will not find it; they will yearn to die but death will escape them.

In appearance the locusts were like horses equipped for battle. On their heads they wore something like gold crowns; their faces were like men’s faces but they had hair like women’s hair. Their teeth were the teeth of lions, their chests like iron breastplates. Their wings made a sound like the roar of many chariots and horses charging into battle. They had tails with stingers like scorpions; in their tails was enough venom to harm men for five months. Acting as their king was the angel in charge of the abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek Apollyon.

The first woe is past, but beware! There are two more to come.