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Where Pope Francis sends an atheist to heaven 


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On words from Pope Francis latest encyclical

“It is not healthy to love the silence and avoid meeting others, to want peace and reject activity, seek prayer and despise ministry. Everything can be accepted and integrated as part of one’s own existence in this world and be integrated into the path of sanctification. We are called to live contemplation in the midst of action, and we sanctify ourselves in the responsible and generous exercise of our mission “(GeE, 26).


And Another

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Bergoglio’s Reform Was Written Before. By Martin Luther – Magister On
Settimo Cielo  – L’Espresso

“Much has been written in sketching an appraisal of the first five years of
the pontificate of Francis and of his real or imaginary “revolution.”

But rarely, if ever, with the acuteness and extensive scope of the analysis
published below.”


Zeno’s Papacy and the Sherlock Holmes Axiom – By Hilary White On The Remnant Newspaper

“Among the questions remaining at this astonishing pass is how fine is he
going to be able to cut the remaining infinitesimal distance between himself and a formal declaration of heresy? And, perhaps even more to the point thismonth, as Cardinals Burke and Br  and muller were speaking at a Rome conferenceon the “confusion in the Church” over doctrine whilst never once actually calling Francis out by name to demand that he declare and defend Catholictruth: who is going to hold him to it? Who, among these “good” bishops and cardinals is going to say to him, to his face, “Holy Father, you’re a
heretic and you will lose the papal office if you do not recant immediatel y.”? Who of our hierarchy is going to have the guts to call it?”


Catholic Monitor: Pope Francis, Soros,  Gaudete et Exsultate and the Push to Make Killing the Unborn Babies Last “for at Least a Generation” according toChuck Norris – On The Catholic Monitor

Francis with Gaudete et Exsultate, it appears, is joining Soros in
attempting to bring the party of abortion Democrats into power


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Christians, in this civilizational struggle, need to be awakened from their slumber, moral malaise, and decades of being driven into oblivion by political elites who are destroying the spatial revolution from which 2,000 years of Christian fertility has nurtured and guided Western man.


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Women helping the injured during the French Revolution