Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, contempt for non-Muslims speaks at St. John’s University- On Robert Spenser’s Site

Muslims and PC Culture – U.S. Commission finds Muslim textbooks in Saudi Arabia incite religious violence –  – On CMTV

No…?! really …how shocking ….How many times must it be said that in the Quran, it’s a “mandate”

Education – Robert Spencer Video: It’s Dangerous to Oppose Islam in Texas Public Schools – On You Tube

CAIR and SPLC Target Anni Cyrus – On Glazov Gang

Rumors Of Civil War Plans Looming In France Are Confirmed As : A Muslima is caught with USB containing identities of 2,626 French intelligence officials – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Muslim World League urges EU to assimilate Muslim migrants better and
criminalize criticism of Islam – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Italy: Muslim speedboat gang with “jihadist sympathies” smuggled Muslim
migrants into Europe – On Robert Spencer’s Site

Do Catholics Have Legitimate Fears about Immigration? – Crisis Magazine

A Departure from Tradition: On Nostra Aetate and the Mohammedans – On One Peter Five

A Departure from Tradition: On Nostra Aetate and the Mohammedans

In Islamic News – Children Treated for Stab Wounds in England Rises 60 Per Cent – On Breitbart

Four Catholics killed by Islamic State in Pakistan |

IDF: 20,000 Palestinians taking part in Gaza border protests | The Times of Israel

Thousands of Palestinians swarm Gaza border, 8 killed by IDF fire,7340,L-5210347,00.html

France still wrestling with how to overcome ‘insidious enemy’ that is radical Islamism | francenews7

Iran: Decision to Pick John Bolton as National Security Adviser a ‘Matter of Shame’

22-Year-Old Conservative Lauren Southern Claims ‘Lifetime Ban’ from UK for ‘Allah Is Gay’ Social Experiment – On Breitbart

Sunni Ruled Bahrain Vows Now Vows To ‘Hunt’ Social Media Dissidents

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah al-Khalifa said the government was adopting “severe measures to deal with unprecedented chaos by disruptive social media accounts”, in a statement published by the official Bahrain News Agency.

Islam – As Palestinian Christians flee Gaza, priest expresses grave concern

The Corrosion of the British Spirit – Crisis Magazine

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