***The First Part Is Russia And Their Decades Long Destabilization Of The Middle East At The Heart Of The Conflict***


USS Destroyer approaches Russian naval base in Syria, without notifying Russia


Syria: U.S. Denies Launching Airstrike on Homs Air Base | Time


U.S. officials confirm Israel hit Syria after suspected Ghouta chemical attack


 Syrian Army Captures British Militants in Eastern Ghouta – Reports – Sputnik International


Russia responds to Trump: ‘US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down, origin of launch will be targeted’– gloria.tv


Emergency Alert: Russians Warn Nuclear War Is Hours Away! -Alex Jones On  YouTube



*** The Return To Christian  Nationalism***

President of France calls on Catholics to engage politically- ACI Prensa


The church in Mexico urges Catholics to vote but endorses no candidates | America Magazine


Orban Landslide – On Breitbart


Hungarians defy George Soros, give crushing win to pro-Christian conservative Viktor Orban On | LifeSite


The Book Of Revelation Is Real And The Globalists Are Guiding John’s Vision Into Fruition – Watch The InfoWars On YouTube


*** A Crisis Of The Earth  – ***

Will we return to the pre -industrial era due to fatima prophesized solar
cataclysms  – On Corespondenza Romano

https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/torneremo-alleta-pre-industriale/ You have to use google translate at this link if you don’t read Italian


The most vexed religious and political question of our time – What’s Up With Francis-Church? By Hillary White

Watch Fr. McDonald Get To The Heart Of The Crisis In The Fatima Message



Answers found in the three fold Office of Christ

Not Just in Our Hearts: The True Social Kingship of Christ – OnePeterFive


The hypostasis of the two natures of Christ in ONE person

Represented by the dogma theology and image of the crowned scepter /image of Jesus Christ and his Sacred Heart – the Reign of his Social Kingship must be enforced by untied governments of Christendom or all freedoms will be taken away

The other part is the relationship to the unfulfilled mandates of our Lady, of Russia , and the Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart. Ignorance of Scripture that salvation comes from the Jews and its foundations. If Jesus Christ is truly the eternal Davidic King there must legally and theologically be a Gebriah Queen whose un-refusable intercession to the King never fades and as represented in so many Sacred Scriptures . She prophesized the last battle would be over the traditional faith , traditional marriages, and families. In my instructions are not followed explicitly Russia will spread its errors to the world and it will result in disorder, chaos, and cataclysms

Father Rodriguez – My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph – Purity in Marriage andthe Family – The Fatima Center On YouTube


*** The Third And Critical Part Of The Answers Found In Royalism News   in  the reuniting of Christendom through Royalism – *** Communism is not the answer, Socialism (Europe’s current preoccupation) is also not the answer , and Capitalist Democracies are also not the answer ( as it always results in a return to the lowest common denominator- original sin and fallen creation by vote) . The answer is and always was , a return to royal Christian theocracies of the highest moral character

Do Symbols, Pomp and Riches Have a Function in Human Life? – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Anti-royalist News – Burning king’s photo is free speech: EU ruling warns Spain – On The Local


Royal support for union of Romania and Moldova

Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania addresses Parliament following major demonstrations – Royal Central


The Need For Honor, Chivalry, And Royalty In Our Faith As Witnessed By The Young And The Old | TCE | Feb 2017


Social Inequality Redounds to the Advantage of All – Royalist Monarchy And The Relationship To Franciscan Mariology | TCE | 2016 Archive


Authentic Polish Royalty

April 11 – He excommunicated the king, who murdered him as he celebrated Mass – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Please support – Blessed Emperor Karl I of Austria and Empress Zita – Catholicism.org


The Mad Monarchist: The Cause of Empress Zita


Cause of Beatification of Empress Zita Opened – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


A you tube video of the funeral of Her Majesty Blessed Zita in Vienna, including the famous dialogue at the gate of the Capuchin Crypt “Who begs entrance?”

“Her Majesty Zita, by the grace of God Empress of Austria, Apostolic Queen of Hungary, Queen of Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia, Lodomeria and Illyria, Queen of Jerusalem etc.; Archduchess of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and Cracow, Duchess of Lorraine, Salzburg, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola and Bucovina; Grand Princesse of Transylvania, Margravine of Moravia; Duchess of Upper and Lower Silesia, Modena, Piacenza and Guastalla, of Auschwitz, Zator, Teschen, Friuli, Ragusa and Zara; Princely Countess of Habsburg and Tyrol, Kyburg, Görz and Gradisca; Princess of Trent and Brixen; Margravine of Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria; Countess of Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz and Sonnenberg, etc.; Lady of Triest, Cattaro and in the Windic march; Grand Voivode of the Voivodeship of Serbia; née Princess Royal of Bourbon, Princess of Parma, .”

Beerdigung Ihrer Majestät Zita – On YouTube


Prayers For The Return Of Hungry To Catholic Habsburg Empire Royalty And The Armies, Praise Christ, Who Would Oath Their Loyalty To These Untied Hearts


From 1 Samuel 2

“He raises the needy from the dust; from the ash heap he lifts up the poor, to seat them with nobles and make a glorious throne their heritage.

For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he has set the world upon them. He will guard the footsteps of his faithful ones, but the wicked shall perish in the darkness. For not by strength does man prevail; the Lord’s foes shall be shattered.

The Most High in heaven thunders; the Lord judges the ends of the earth. Now may he give strength to his king and exalt the horn of his anointed!”

From the Book of Revelation 2:12-29 To the churches at Pergamum and Thyatira

I, John, heard the Lord saying to me: “To the presiding spirit of the church in Pergamum, write this:
“The One with the sharp, two-edged sword has this to say: I know you live in the very place where Satan’s throne is erected; and I know you hold fast to my name and have not denied the faith you have in me, not even at the time when Antipas, my faithful witness, was martyred in your city where Satan has his home. Nevertheless I hold a few matters against you: there are some among you who follow the teaching of Balaam, who instructed Balak to throw a stumbling block in the way of the Israelites by tempting them to eat food sacrificed to idols and to practice fornication. Yes, you too have those among you who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. Therefore repent! If you do not, I will come to you soon and fight against them with the sword of my mouth.

“Let him who has ears heed the Spirit’s word to the churches! To the victor I will give the hidden manna; I will also give him a white stone upon which is inscribed a new name, to be known only by him who receives it.

“To the presiding spirit of the church in Thyatira, write this:
“The Son of God, whose eyes blaze like fire and whose feet gleam like polished brass, has this to say: I know your deeds—your love and faith and service—as well as your patient endurance; I know also that your efforts of recent times are greater than ever. Nevertheless I hold this against you: you tolerate a Jezebel—that self-styled prophetess who seduces my servants by teaching them to practice lewdness and to eat food sacrificed to idols. I have given her a chance to repent but she refuses to turn from her lewdness. I mean to cast her down on a bed of pain; her companions in sin I will plunge into intense suffering unless they repent of their sins with her, and her children I will put to death. Thus shall all the churches come to know that I am the searcher of hearts and minds, and that I will give each of you what your conduct deserves.

And now I address myself to you others in Thyatira who do not uphold this teaching and know nothing of the so-called “deep secrets” of Satan; on you I place no further burden. In any case, hold fast to what you have until I come.

“To the one who wins the victory, who keeps to my ways till the end, I will give authority over the nations—the same authority I received from my Father. He shall rule them with a rod of iron and shatter them like crockery; and I will give him the morning star.

“Let him who has ears heed the Spirit’s word to the churches!”

From a Letter from Saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr The contest of faith

As we do battle and fight in the contest of faith, God, his angels and Christ himself watch us. How exalted is the glory, how great the joy of engaging in a contest with God presiding, of receiving a crown with Christ as judge.

Dear brethren, let us arm ourselves with all our might, let us prepare ourselves for the struggle by innocence of heart, integrity of faith, dedication to virtue.

The blessed Apostle teaches us how to arm and prepare ourselves: Put round you the belt of truth; put on the breastplate of righteousness; for shoes wear zeal for the Gospel of peace; take up the shield of faith to extinguish all the burning arrows of the evil one; take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.

Let us take this armor and defend ourselves with these spiritual defenses from heaven, so that we may be able to resist the threats of the devil, and fight back on the evil day.

Let us put on the breastplate of righteousness so that our hearts may be safeguarded, proof against the arrows of the enemy. Let our feet be protected by the shoes of the teaching of the Gospel so that when we begin to trample on the serpent and crush it, we may not be bitten and tripped up by it.

Let us with fortitude bear the shield of faith to protect us by extinguishing all the burning arrows that the enemy may launch against us.

Let us wear on our head the helmet of the spirit to defend our ears against the proclamations of death, our eyes against the sight of accursed idols, our forehead so that God’s sign may be kept intact, our lips so that our tongue may proclaim victoriously its faith in Christ its Lord.

Let us arm our right hand with the sword of the spirit so that it may courageously refuse the daily sacrifices, and like the hand – mindful of the eucharist – that receives the body of the Lord, stretch out to embrace him, and so gain from the Lord the future prize of a heavenly crown.

Dear brethren, have all this firmly fixed in your hearts. If the day of persecution finds us thinking on these things and meditating upon them, the soldier of Christ, trained by Christ’s commands and instructions, does not begin to panic at the thought of battle, but is ready for the crown of victory.