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We must all remember and remind ourselves that, although enemies of the Body Of Christ have taken roost in the Vatican – We must speak the truth of the facts , in a filial and faithful Catholic manner with a love and knowledge of the everlasting power of the Papcy. In the same way that no one is above reproach on God’s green earth , no one is beyond full repentance and restoration while still alive

Calls For The Correction Restoration Of The Papacy Continue To Emerge 

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April 12 – Pope St. Julius I – Warrior Against Arian Heresies – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Through St. Athanasius, who remained in Rome several years subsequent to 339, the Egyptian monastic life became well-known in the capital, and the example of the hermits of the Egyptian deserts found many imitators in the Roman Church. Julius died on 12 April, 352, and was buried in the catacombs of Calepodius on the Aurelian Way, and, very soon after his death, was honoured as a saint. His body was later transported to S. Maria in Trastevere, the church which he had built. His feast is celebrated on 12 April.



Pope St. Julius I