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On Monday April 9th The Society of St Hugh of Cluny http://sthughofcluny.org/  at the parish of St Mary, Norwalk CT (Pastor Rev. Father Chipolla) http://www.stmarynorwalk.net/about/rev-father-richard-cipolla/ sponsored a lecture by Prof. Roberto de Mattei, as coordinated by the tireless and faithful Catholic work of Stuart Chessman and the Society.

The lecture followed a festive orchestral Mass in honor of the Feast of the Annunciation with music chants that included works by Billoni, Monteverdi, Torres and Biber that was composed in the 1750s for a Mexico Cathedral setting

Our amateur photopost follows this brief review,  includes the many gorgeous ,  timeless & Holy icons of devotions at Saint Marys , and is definitely on the must visit list for those that have not yet been

In this presentation  Prof. de Mattei discussed the Papacy as established by Christ, the real “authentic magisterium,” the Pope’s authority, the errors of Papalotry, and what must be our reception and reaction to the present Pontificate.

Tu es Petrus: True Devotion to the Chair of St. Peter

Prof.. de Mattei is a well-known historian, professor and writer. The president of the Fondazione Lepanto (Lepanto Foundation), de Mattei also directs the Radici Cristiane (Christian Roots) magazine and the Corrispondenza Romana (Roman Correspondence) news agency. Dr. de Mattei is also one of the organizers of the Marcia per la Vita (March for Life) held in Rome, the largest annual pro-life event in Europe. The author of many books, he has gained fame in the English-speaking world for The Second Vatican Council – An Unwritten StoryBlessed Pius IX, and Holy War, Just War. A professor at several Roman universities, Dr. de Mattei has also spoken at international conferences such as those held by Angelus Press and the Rome Life Forum.

The focus of the Professor de Mattei’s talk covered a brief history of the key points of the magisterium of the papacy before discussing any of the issues of the current Papacy. He discussed the defense of tradition and the importance of the role of Pius VI, the attacks of the French revolution , how Febronius revolted for collegiality Then in 1786 there was a Papal proclamation against collegiality. The Pistola Synod condemned ecclesial revolution as 1800 approached the invasion of Rome overtook the Church’s preoccupations Jansenism reigned and it was not until Catholic counter revolutionary thought coalesced in 1869 at Vatican I Council opening.

Professor de Mattei continued into the dogmatic infallibility of the Primacy of the office of Peter – as the Church progressed towards Vatican II, surrounded by Gallicans, Jansenists, the Gaudium et spes revolution emerged. Out of it all came the unprecedented first redefinition of marriage raising the unitive aspects of marriage to that of equality with its procreative aspects , a decentralization of the Church emerged with the suppression of its royalism. The democratization of the Church came to a pinnacle in the example image of Pope Francis on Cot 17th 2015 of “the Church as an upside down pyramid” Renouncing the juridical primacy of Peter is Pope Francis – The Bergoglio thought as it were renouncing the architecture of a temporal & eternal, a visible and an invisible Church untied

Expressing the prudence in the conservative and traditional school of thought the Professor said that we all need to be careful not to fall into the speech of the concept of two Churches , one conciliar or modernist and one that remains Holy Roman Catholic which is, as he sees it, a trap. Although the Church is occupied by liberal betrayers of Christ it remains one Holy Catholic Church in all conditions. Papalotry then enters as a theological error. To avoid a fight , or confrontation , remain calm, and adapt to all conditions as ‘the Catholic way” is a false reaction and a blatant error. William of Oakham in the 14th century is an example of this heretical position. “God can do anything even evil and everyone must tolerate it. The lead doctor of the Church , Saint Thomas of Aquinas prior to the era of William of Oakham refuted this philosophy in great detail in repudiating this heresy. We then have a process now of systematically canonizing post conciliar Popes in the false hopes of canonizing a pastoral non-dogmatic council. The extraordinary Pope Saint that were few and far between should be well noted in some examples such as, Popes: Gregory the Great, Celestine V in the middle ages and Pius V and Pius X in latter ages.

We now have introduced to us the concept of two Popes which is impossible . There can only ever be one Pope. Pope Benedict claiming to be a retired Pope, still living in the Vatican and wearing the robes of the Office of Pope. Calling himself a Pope causes further confusion among the populace believing there are no longer any permanent rules at all . This stems from not a juridical sympathy of Benedict XVI but a Sacramental one in which the professor opines amongst all these other facts as a temptation and otherwise a mistake.

Returning to the errors of this new pacifism which is foreign to Roman Catholicism it becomes moreover a “catacombs” mentality. It avoids the fight , renounces, the militant nature of Catholicism, removing themselves from the battle. Rejecting the militant concept of Catholicism and the Augustinian version of the Church as both conceptualized & realized  and is exemplified in his “Two Cities”.  Catacombs Catholicism , to go along via agreeable compromise, is an insult to Catholicism. The Sacrament of Confirmation makes a Christian a soldier ! Militant renouncement leaves nothing but death. People speak of having trust in God and waiting for his divine assistance. This too is not Catholic. The counter is summarized by Saint Ambrose in the quote “ Divine assistance is given to one who leaps and fights and not one who sits back.  The mode of silence in the face of error makes the Christian a prisoner. One ‘must’ witness publically to the truth and all the errors that oppose it as the Fathers of the Church kept Sacred and Benedict XV’s encyclical against modernism typified and categorized

Today it be must be admitted that our current Pope propagates errors within the Church. Emphasis must reinforce that it must be a faithful filial resistance in the spirit of seeking restoration , and peace of the one true Church, not with pride but as a faithful son of the Church. The Pope must be called to order for having deviated from the Faith. Prof. de Mattei quotes the writings of Father Gianfranco Ghirlanda, Canonist and former rector of the Gregorian University, that the Pope can only be deposed in the cases of the following criteria. 1) Death 2) Insanity (mental infirmity) 3) notorious heresy/apostasy 4) resignation . On the expertise of scholars , no Cardinals either individually or in small group, can depose a Pope. It must be a formal consistory. Father Chipolla posed a question on Cardinal Newman’s objection to Vatican I , and Pius IX’s declaration of power of infallible declarations of the office of Peter. The professor responded briefly for lack of time on the restrictions of the declarations of infallibility being limited as Father knows well , to faith and morals. The professor then concluded with expressing the truth that even obedience has limits and is not unconditional, ralizign our capacity to resist when a Pope attempt to deviate from the truth  found in the eternal magisterium of the Church


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We find ourselves before one of the most critical moments that the Church has ever experienced in her history, but I am convinced that true devotion to the Chair of Saint Peter can offer us the weapons to come out victorious from this crisis. True devotion. Because there is a false devotion to the Chair of Peter, just as – according to Saint Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort – there is a true and false devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.


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