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Our Introductory Commentary To This Subject


What is the end game of the LGBT movement ? Is their objective equal rights , is their objective to change Catholic teachings, to eradicate Christian moral and beliefs, to re-order society ? What is their end game?

From my studies, in traditional Catholic Social teachings and Sacred Scripture as it relates to the current social phenomenon of the same sex relationships’ full court press push into society, politics, the corporate world and the religious world it is found that it is much much more than basic acceptance they seek, nor just the redefinition of sin. Number one, it has high level architects, mid-level implementers, and powerfully placed enablers. Secondly, or what should rightly be put up front , is that these people of this movement are only the initial marines on the ground preparing the way for what is to come , for something all-together different

Let us remember that in the journey through the 40 days in the dessert we are reliving this lent (replicating the 40 years of exile of the peoples of the former covenant to which we, of the new Jerusalem , inherited ) our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was brought up to the top of the parapet above the Temple over-looking the kingdoms of the world, which the enemy of the world , who is also the prince of this world,  satan himself, offered Christ our Lord dominion over all of that which is already his. The enemy just wanted homage it is written, but homage as what ? as a colleague? – or as a fellow-creator to be ! which he could never be! Once completely rejected and spurned by Jesus Christ the King he swore what ? He whom could not create a bird nor even a single bee claimed that one day he would create something and everyone would worship his creation (essentially the coming to power of the anti-Christ) . What is his creation ? His newly arrived creation is the Transvestite with new and exalted rights, an “IT”.  Not just any rights, but through the striving and marine like work of the aberosexual  martyrs, rights ABOVE heterosexuals and to be globally accepted as a higher form of life. This higher form of creation is seen as such by the growing power of the sects of the eastern mystery religions of polytheism and pantheism. Its followers kneel to androgyny. As their teachings follow, “I am the virgin and the whore in one”, I am the dark and the light”, I am the bad and yet I am the good”….and on and on.

“IT” will rise to power quickly. You have seen the first two elected transvestite politicians break ground in the United States. It will now soon seek a seat at the United Nations and begin its climb to power. It will meet all the definitions of a crowd pleaser. People will die fighting for “IT” , possibly even wars, and it will meet all the definitions of the son of perdition. And then it will begin …..as we enter this beginning of the end of times , this is what is at stake in the battle of the two towers


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*** However ***

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From an Easter letter by Saint Athanasius, bishop – The paschal sacrament brings together in unity of faith those physically separated from each other

Brethren, how fine a thing it is to move from festival to festival, from prayer to prayer, from holy day to holy day. The time is now at hand when we enter on a new beginning: the proclamation of the blessed Passover, in which the Lord was sacrificed. We feed as on the food of life, we constantly refresh our souls with his precious blood, as from a fountain. Yet we are always thirsting, burning to be satisfied. But he himself is present for those who thirst and in his goodness invites them to the feast day. Our Savior repeats his words: If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.

He quenched the thirst not only of those who came to him then. Whenever anyone seeks him he is freely admitted to the presence of the Savior. The grace of the feast is not restricted to one occasion. Its rays of glory never set. It is always at hand to enlighten the mind of those who desire it. Its power is always there for those whose minds have been enlightened and who meditate day and night on the holy Scriptures, like the one who is called blessed in the holy psalm: Blessed is the man who has not followed the counsel of the wicked, or stood where sinners stand, or sat in the seat of the scornful, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.

Moreover, my friends, the God who first established this feast for us allows us to celebrate it each year. He who gave up his Son to death for our salvation, from the same motive gives us this feast, which is commemorated every year. This feast guides us through the trials that meet us in this world. God now gives us the joy of salvation that shines out from this feast, as he brings us together to form one assembly, uniting us all in spirit in every place, allowing us to pray together and to offer common thanksgiving, as is our duty on the feast. Such is the wonder of his love: he gathers to this feast those who are far apart, and brings together in unity of faith those who may be physically separated from each other.


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