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Facebook’s vaguely worded face recognition “announcement” coincided with a facial recognition software violation of federal laws

They are not fully ready yet to go live with facial recognition and seizures – but it’s coming


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MUST WATCH: CNN Openly Calls For Infowars To Be Banned From Youtube For Showing Student Smart Phone Videos Of Multiple Shooters In Parkland And Rogue Govt Agency People Putting Kids In Body Bags While The Shooting Was Still Going On– As Seen On You Tube


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We must not only do the work to cite the revolution and make people aware of the fact that there is a resistance movement and a Catholic counter revolution – But for those searching for the authentic Church within the Church – It exists – it’s networked – it’s grounded in the traditional life and prayer – Not just polemics and apologetics but living the life

February 28 – The Gentleman Instructed in the conduct of a virtuous and happy life – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


February 28 – One of the many men who spent their lives building a Christian Civilization – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



St. Lupicinus visiting his brother St. Romanus – early 5th century



Our Lady Of Snows – Rome, Italy



52. But it is not enough to hinder the reading and the sale of bad books – it is also necessary to prevent them from being printed. Hence let the Bishops use the utmost severity in granting permission to print. Under the rules of the Constitution Officiorum, many publications require the authorisation of the Ordinary, and in some dioceses it has been made the custom to have a suitable number of official censors for the examination of writings. We have the highest praise for this institution, and We not only exhort, but We order that it be extended to all dioceses. In all episcopal Curias, therefore, let censors be appointed for the revision of works intended for publication, and let the censors be chosen from both ranks of the clergy – secular and regular – men of age, knowledge and prudence who will know how to follow the golden mean in their judgments. It shall be their office to examine everything which requires permission for publication according to Articles XLI. and XLII. of the above-mentioned Constitution. The Censor shall give his verdict in writing. If it be favourable, the Bishop will give the permission for publication by the word Imprimatur, which must always be preceded by the Nihil obstat and the name of the Censor. In the Curia of Rome official censors shall be appointed just as elsewhere, and the appointment of them shall appertain to the Master of the Sacred Palaces, after they have been proposed to the Cardinal Vicar and accepted by the Sovereign Pontiff. It will also be the office of the Master of the Sacred Palaces to select the censor for each writing. Permission for publication will be granted by him as well as by the Cardinal Vicar or his Vicegerent, and this permission, as above prescribed, must always be preceded by the Nihil obstat and the name of the Censor. Only on very rare and exceptional occasions, and on the prudent decision of the bishop, shall it be possible to omit mention of the Censor. The name of the Censor shall never be made known to the authors until he shall have given a favourable decision, so that he may not have to suffer annoyance either while he is engaged in the examination of a writing or in case he should deny his approval. Censors shall never be chosen from the religious orders until the opinion of the Provincial, or in Rome of the General, has been privately obtained, and the Provincial or the General must give a conscientious account of the character, knowledge and orthodoxy of the candidate. We admonish religious superiors of their solemn duty never to allow anything to be published by any of their subjects without permission from themselves and from the Ordinary. Finally We affirm and declare that the title of Censor has no value and can never be adduced to give credit to the private opinions of the person who holds it.