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The Irish Bishops Conference And The World Meeting of Families will meet in Dublin in August It’s literature replete with images of lesbians embracing and agenda to discuss the acceptance of homosexuals – speaker line up a who’s-who of dissident speakers also shall include five dissident Catholic Seminary Professors who vociferously oppose the Church’s teaching on morality vs the Culture of Death

A new Faithful apostolate which is strong and growing is The Lumen Fidei Institute – Ireland –

They have produced a video to protest this alternate Church of The Bishops and to organize their own Conference in the same week in Dublin with a who’s-who of Faithful Catholic academics and prelates that is sure to over shadow the rebellion of the Catholic Bishops

See the excellent video they produced interspersed with Christ being whipped

The Lumen Fidei Institute – Ireland – YouTube


In Germany the Bishops continue to say that the International Synod latter this year will be sure  to open Holy Communion to more groups of non-Catholics

German Priests in South America maintain the same Synod or by the close thereof will see Pope Francis abolish celibacy in S America by the end of the year

Michigan U.S. Priests have sent CMTV letters they were sent from Michigan Bishops about the Church in Michigan on the verge of collapse with Sacraments down drastically in all categories but to continue without fail in promoting the Alpha ( protestant evangelization ) Program

The Texas Bishops Slam Texas Right To Life – Faithful Catholic Apostolate Exposing Pro-Choice Culture Of Death Fake Republicans is opposed in force by the Texas Bishops. They’ve written to all the Parishes and Parishioners not to participate and that they are forbidden to use Church resources and property . Why ? Because these dissident republicans and congress people are where the majority of their funding now comes from


 In the Philippines Cdl Tagle made the decision to jump out in front of a huge lay organized protest against legalizing divorce Tagle himself has hypocritically and publicly advocated for LGBT rights the changing of Church established language on the disorder of homosexuality and advocated for Holy Communion for the divorced and illegally remarried per the teachings he says of Pope Francis

        I don’t know what you guys are seeing out there on the landscape but I see a Church hierarchy on the verge of a grand scale apostasy

Already surpassing by far the Arian heresy of the 4th century in much larger number and much greater variety of apostasies by what started out as progressive modernism within the Church in post of the French Revolution and grew up to become “the Vatican II era”

Five Seminary Professors in Ireland – can you imagine

Order Priests in Ireland are warning families – in confidence , as reported here , not to send their children to Ireland’s Diocesan seminaries – previously known in antiquity as secular Priests.

In A Report from Ireland: “You know things are bad when even priests are saying they could not recommend that a young man with a vocation become a Diocesan priest” – What’s Up With Francis-Church?



What will happen to the Faithful Catholic Priests that remain – It’s simple the Faithful will have to begin to save and support them completely as in the days of antiquity

Are You Hiding a Priest? – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites 


“Which of you Gospellers can show such a knee?” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

The amazing martyr Priest Ven. Mark Barkworth