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The Council document on the family inverted the ends of marriage- Fr. Chenu

The revolution in doctrine was an arduous work at Vatican II. It required meticulous planning and a careful distribution of functions.


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Humanae vitae is based in subjectivism


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Humanae_Vitae-Report 1968 .pdf


New HHS department created to protect religious freedom so that Catholics will not be forced to pay for their neighbors contraception of their children



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As Far Back As 2015 And Even Further Evidence Can Be Seen Within The Catholic University (Georgetown’s) Campus Paper  Of their radical views fighting for contraception on a Catholic Campus



Student health services

Despite pressure from some students, President DeGioia maintains that the University will not dispense birth control to its

students through the Student Health Center, at least through the year 2013.259 However, one student’s anecdotal account suggests

that it is not difficult to circumvent the intent of the policy and obtain a birth control prescription ostensibly for medical, non-contraceptive reasons:257 “New Students Find ESCAPE,”

The Hoya(Oct. 16, 2012); at http://www.thehoya.com/news/new-students-find-escape-1.2928203#.UIQMYGnuVVT[at http://www.thehoya.com/new-students-find-escape/]258Pope Benedict XVI, “Address to Catholic Educators”.259

“Georgetown Rejects Sandra Fluke, No Birth Control Policy Change,” LifeNews.com (April 26, 2012); http://www.lifenews.com/ 2012/04/26/georgetown-rejects-sandra-fluke-no-birth-control-policy-change/-82-

When I entered the Student Health Center last fall, I did not ask for a birth control prescription. I already had a birth control prescription. I needed a check up, but after inquiring about my medical history, the nurse practitioner volunteered to give me one.“You get cramps, right?” she inquired.“No, I don’t.”“Yes, you do.”“No, I really don’t,” I responded again, confused.She sighed, “I have to write something down”


The Georgetown Student Health Education Services provides an Internet resource called “Be Well,” with a tagline of “be happy.”


Its student health advice ignores moral concerns and treats all sexual behavior, except coercive or abusive behavior, as within the norm.


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