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Socialism and liberation theology advocates within the highest levels of the Church were only the door openings to the urging of the world to have a more accepting notion of communism light and to move us away from capitalist democracy as the international model ( not to say that the capitalist democracy is the ultimate model either but a royalist theocracy was and still could be)

Where are we now ? Freedoms are being relinquished to the national states on monthly and sometimes even a weekly basis. The right to educate your own children above the rights of the state to educate them are being challenged everywhere

The right to live – when life begins vs. when life ends …battling eugenics as a state franchise business has only just come into battle and is only a small part of the overall

How much of it all is the Catholic Church at the root of the problem? Vatican II’s acceptance of the ideologies of anthropomorphism – – The VII ideological utopia of the brotherhood of man quickly became “the partnership with the world’ of advocating for the rights of man above the rights of God.

The rights of “man” quickly revert back to the rights of the state – as the paganization of western Christendom continues on a parallel and sometimes higher speed track as very few of our social architects see the cyclical nature of history continuing to repeat itself

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Meanwhile Washington DC is completely corrupt and its elites are terrified of the Trump administration’s lack of being able to be bought or cornered and how much of their own corruption is about to be imminently released

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Socialism and Eugenics are still embedded deeply in parts of this country’s liberal left institutions and artists and is always lurking under the surface looking for opportunities to become the majority

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The apple cart of enforcing a stricter socialism and communism light in the west is faced with the opposition within the Church that has elements of the radical liberal left pushing from the highest echelons of the Catholic Church

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Christendom, Sacrality in the Temporal Order – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



Men, women and children line the streets in Brisbane, Queensland, to watch the procession of the 41st Battalion through Brisbane on Anzac Day, 1916