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Nellie Gray Sits With Mother Angelica For An Entire Hour In 1994  And discusses the fundamental problems within the pro-life movement are primarily pro-life people compromisers agreeing to exceptions to get first downs

Her exposition of natural law, faith and reason, Scripture, and Catholic social and moral teaching establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no room in Catholic teaching for compromises like supporting legistlation for bans after 1st trimester , when it can be proven that babies start to feel pain – banning all abortions except rape, incest, and deformity

March For Life was founded, maintained for decades and established its success against all odds against opposition from the majority of US Bishops primarily by establishing itself as a no-compromise organization – bypassing the States nonsense of compromises and going directly to the federal level for a mandated bans. Life begins at conception when do you believe it begins ……

After re-watching this my family and I can no longer support missions of compromise


PS The only misnomer is when Mother Angelica gives a shout out to EWTN make it up as you go along Catholic teachings and says the slaughtered unborn go to heaven – When in fact Roman Catholic teaching still holds the place of limbo to be true – And that the unbaptized do not go to heaven  – minus of course the very small fraction of unbaptized exceptions that everyone LOVES to hijack the narrative into – exceptions for baptism by blood and/or desire –(odds like in in 100 million people)


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May God rest her soul