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In Chile his parade grounds address and Pontifical Mass was prepared for Vatican anticipated numbers of between 300,000 people and 400,000 people
Less than 90,000 people attended in shocking images with near 1/4 of them Security ! At the perimeter , and not covered by the corrupt US Catholic media were hundreds of faithful Catholics protesting the Pope.
Catholic Media will only show Peru which is embracing the policy of the internal auto demolition of the old Catholic Church.
The latest in the daily outrageousness of this Pope is that in a highly visible manner of stage, he has loudly and vocally defended his friends in Chile , accused the sex abuse clergy Father F Karadima and Bishop J Barros saying the sex abuse victims are exaggerating and lying and at guilty of calumny of good clergy!

Outraged – one of the victims immediately went on Chilean national TV to describe the graphic details of the way he was abused by this Priest and repeatedly dismissed by his Bishop
Also involved in the cover-up was Cdl Daneels who is part of their German network who architected the election of a radical liberal reform pontificate , a main consigliere to the gallen mafia, and who many saw appear with the new Pope on the loggia at the presentation of the new Pope – Daneels himself part of a vast child abuse scandal and coverup
Two members of the Pope’s own appointed  own camp i Cardinal O’Malley this morning has “denounced” what the Pope has just done
The same German team who embraces lutheranism and hates traditional Catholic liturgy and the moral & natural laws it upholds without compromise has moved on from the destruction of the FFIs which are now , along with their institutions, almost gone ( the nuns just recently formed a separate traditional order in Rome to escape this Pontificate )
This administration has moved on to now violating Benedict XVI’s Moto Proprio Summorum ( the traditional rite as a right of the people and the clergy and article 3 for monastic houses in the exclusive use of the traditional Roman Rite ) and unto the Trappists in Germany
With the stroke of a pen he closed Mariawald North Rhine -Westphalia Germany despite increasing vocations
He set the stage last year when he deposed the highly regarded Abbey Liturgist and friend Of Pope Benedict -Abbot Josef Volberg
What two world wars and Hitler himself could not destroy the reign of Bergoglianism could
Through the devotion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the coming social reign of the Kingship of Christ faithful Catholics will survive this pontificate

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