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Prayers For Persecuted Journalists Many Of Whom Are Eastern Rite Catholics And Or Western Rite Catholics In The East


Monks killed in Algeria by Muslims to be recognized as martyrs | CatholicHerald.co.uk

Qualifier – UK Herald begins to follow the new Catholic Church narrative in defining that they were radical islamicists un-related to the islam religion


Hugh Fitzgerald CMTV Post Public Islamic Question to Pope Francis  On Conversion And Religion Of Peace _ On Robert Spencer JW Site


Ex-Muslims Post Public Questions to Pope Francis : Islam Not a Religion of Peace – ON CMTV


Pakistan: Muslim leader calls for jihad against US and Israel and the  use
of nuclear bomb to “free Jerusalem” _ On Robert Spencer JW Site


U.S. places Pakistan on watch list for ‘severe’ violations of religious freedom | CatholicHerald.co.uk


Trump Palestinian Refusal To Discuss Peace Should Result In Economic Sanctions


Nigeria: Muslim gunmen murder 14 churchgoers returning from midnight service _ On Robert Spencer JW Site


Glazov Gang’s 2017 Episode of The Year: Anni Cyrus on “The Solution to Stop Islam”  On YouTube



Featured  – Islam in the Public Square – William Kilpatrick On Crisis Magazine

Essentially This Becomes A Witness To The Catholic social teachings  on “The Social Reign Of The Kingship Of Christ”


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The Authentic Roman Catholic Teachings On The Application Of The Social Reign of The Kingship Of Christ Is Being Suppressed By The Post-Conciliar Church. And With An Increased Emphasis In This Pontifical Administration Being Replaced By New Pseudo And or Neo-Catholic Teachings – which is permitting and inadvertently promoting the apostasy of islam to spread into a re-org of muslim ‘Church and State’ type mergers in many countries

A Catechism of the Social Reign of Christ the King


Full text of “Denis Fahey The Mystical Body Of Christ And The Reorganization Of Society”


The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jews- OnlIne Book By Father Denis Fahey

Useful in these points for the 1st Chapter

The Programme of Christ and the Plans of Satan:
(i) Church and State;
(ii) The Indirect Power of the Church;
(iii) Marriage;
(iv) Education;
(v) Private Property;
(vi) Monetary System;
(vii) Submission to the Blessed Trinity with Christ in Holy Mass.



Our Lady at the Sanctuary of Sameiro – Braga Portugal

As the Roman Catholic world continues to rapidly change in only one generation