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Something is happening this Christmastide in the crisis in the Church my friends. A great Catholic awakening has begun in mainstream Catholicism – Dozens of sources can be quoted but to instead mention two non- traditionalist Catholic apologists and mainstream Catholic commentators – Catholic Culture.org’s Phil Lawlor and professional Catholic apologist Karl Keating have done a 180 degree turn on their dispositions on Pope Francis and acknowledge that this Pope and his new and continuing to be elected administration is indeed attempting to alter Roman Catholic teaching.

Quoting the lead off to a new book due out in six weeks from Phil Lawlor

“”Faithful Catholics are beginning to realize it’s not their imagination. Pope Francis has led them on a journey from joy to unease to alarm and even a sense of betrayal. They can no longer pretend that he represents merely a change of emphasis in papal teaching. Assessing the confusion sown by this pontificate, Lost Shepherd explains what’s at stake, what’s not at stake, and how loyal believers should respond.””Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock by Philip Lawler


Well no kidding Phil really ?! and it took mainstream Catholic commentators not on the payroll of the Church how long to end their denial and their own contributions towards propagating and defending error and constant heterodoxy ?!


Non Traditionalist Apologists And Catholic Commenters Begin To Do An About Face On Their Dispositions On Pope Francis !

Not Fair, Mr. Keating

In a commentary on his Facebook page, reproduced here, Karl Keating praises Philip Lawler’s upcoming book, Lost Shepherd: How Pope Francis is Misleading His Flock, which presents the reasons for Lawler’s conclusion — better late than never — that “I found I could no longer pretend that Francis was merely offering a novel interpretation of Catholic doctrine. No, it was more than that. He was engaged in a deliberate effort to change what the Church teaches.”



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With German Catholic Philosophy Leading The Theology Of The Current Pontificate One Wonders What Real Motivation Is Behind It All From An Economist Perspective 

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And News On gloria.tv confirming the escalating crisis as follows :

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Resistance To Error

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The Representation of a Naked Man in the Vatican Nativity Scene (Not Objected To By Anyone From The Holy See) Offends the Sublime Innocence of the Child Jesus and the Blessed Mother – The American TFP


‘Eerie and ominous’ sign appears as Pope Francis visits Vatican Nativity



This Is The Sensus Fidelium – The Sense Of The Faithful Of What Is Really Going On In The Church – Declining Midnight Mass attendance at Saint Peter’s Pontifical Mass each year since the year following the onset of the Pope Francis Pontificate until this year where they refused to camera pan or photoposts of a half empty midnight Mass

Where in the world of Rome is everybody ?! – Why at the most gorgeous Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini FSSP – standing room only . Looking for a report on that other than in Italian free press or independent Italian radio –….. keep looking . How about trying an Italian Diocesan Newspaper to get the Catholic News and the real sense of the great awakening occurring in the mainstream Catholic Church ?! There are close to 200 Diocesan Newpapers in Italy most require a $1 donation to pick up – The problem – the majority of all of them promote socialism and all the things Pope Francis does as being one with it. The Italian citizens are not interested in reading it nor giving a $1 for propaganda. Why aren’t more stories written about a fight to reform Italian Diocesan newspapers (similar to several countries in South America situation) the free Catholic free press and traditionalists gave that fight up over three years ago. Their calculated prediction was then and is now – they will go out of business naturally by themselves unless completely subsidized by the Vatican. Knowing this situation in Catholic journalism circles for sometime it gets better. Pope Francis negotiated a deal to save a 1/3 of them (close to 70) with a deal to the Italian socialist government to partner with them and subsidize them

This basically sums up what is going on in the Church – Separation of Church and State enforced in militant like fashion – Church support of rebellious State initiatives and yet if a non-Catholic government seeks to partner with a Catholic concern it is not only welcomed but promoted – The good news is that Fatima is becoming a reality and there is a mainstream Catholic awakening as to the next negative revolution in the Church

Faithful Catholic resistance and Sacred Tradition is the only answer in finding us more and more at study and prayer at the foot of the Cross with our Lady


Fatima and The Three Revolutions – Conference Talks And Papers From 2017 – YouTube