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Did the U.S. Education Department introduce an Islamic indoctrination program for public schools? | PolitiFact Florida



In an  excellent 30 minute movie produced by Jewish people

  • It is about how the still extant Obama administration has orchestrated a continuation of Saudi $ in US education infiltrating hundreds of US schools around the country indoctrinating them with anti-semitism –a systematic pro-islamic indoctrination that also disfavors Christianity and all Judao-Christian ways of life  The thorough nature of the details and the evidence will blow you away-  Coming to a school near you

Indoctrination @ Newton High – On YouTube



Sharia Pocket Appears In Brooklyn NY

The organizer of the D.C. Women’s March in Washington , Linda Sarsour , is being accused of enabling the sexual abuse of a woman who worked in her Brooklyn, New York office, a  report Sunday alleges. – CMTV Michigan



Jerusalem in the Islamic Imagination – By Derya Little On Crisis Magazine



Historical Archive Of Facts

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem Daniel Pipes Middle East Quarterly



Muslim Migration Threatening Paris France With Unrest

‘Urine on streets and riots’: Parisians threaten hunger strike over migrant camps — RT World News


UK Christian street preacher found not guilty of hate speech against Muslims | News | LifeSite



Watch “ Islam And The Killing Of Europe – Investigative Film Making  – On The Glazov Gang – Via YouTube



The New Neo Catholic Mainstream Narrative – “There are Three Great Monotheistic Religions in the World Today” True or False ?! Conference Article On The Remnant Newspaper –



More Heresy From Catholic Leaders At The UN –

Was It Pius IX’s Encyclical or Pius the X that proclaimed “ Keep Compromising To Stay In Existence Until You Retreat Into Pluralism” Looks Like They’ve Arrived

Preserving Pluralism and Diversity in the Nineveh Region


United Nations Publicly Defended And Advocated For Eugenics Abortion



Apostasy in The  Cathédrale Saint Paul de Londres as little girls cloaked from head to foot sing songs denying the Divinity Of The Son Of God in Advent



As Islam Demands As Many Children As Possible

Post- Christian Majority America Faces a Massive Underpopulation Problem as Families Have Too Few Kids to Replace the Population | LifeNews.com



From The Archives

Catholic News Round Up On The Latest Islamic News – 1st Wk Of Dec 2017 | TCE



December 20 – The Correct Depiction On Abraham – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


December 20 – The Correct Depiction On Isaac –  On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



From a treatise Against Heresies by Saint Irenaeus, bishop
on the plan of redemption through the Incarnation

God is man’s glory. Man is the vessel which receives God’s action and all his wisdom and power.

Just as a doctor is judged in his care for the sick, so God is revealed in his conduct with men. That is Paul’s reason for saying: God has made the whole world prisoner of unbelief that he may have mercy on all. He was speaking of man, who was disobedient to God, and cast off from immortality, and then found mercy, receiving through the Son of God the adoption he brings.

If man, without being puffed up or boastful, has a right belief regarding created things and their divine Creator, who, having given them being, holds them all in his power, and if man perseveres in God’s love, and in obedience and gratitude to him, he will receive greater glory from him. It will be a glory which will grow ever brighter until he takes on the likeness of the one who died for him.

He it was who took on the likeness of sinful flesh, to condemn sin and rid the flesh of sin, as now condemned. He wanted to invite man to take on his likeness, appointing man an imitator of God, establishing man in a way of life in obedience to the Father that would lead to the vision of God, and endowing man with power to receive the Father. He is the Word of God who dwelt with man and became the Son of Man to open the way for man to receive God, for God to dwell with man, according to the will of the Father.

For this reason the Lord himself gave as the sign of our salvation, the one who was born of the Virgin, Emmanuel. It was the Lord himself who saved them, for of themselves they had no power to be saved. For this reason Paul speaks of the weakness of man, and says: I know that no good dwells in my flesh, meaning that the blessing of our salvation comes not from us but from God. Again, he says: I am a wretched man; who will free me from this body doomed to die? Then he speaks of a liberator, thanks to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Isaiah says the same: Hands that are feeble, grow strong! Knees that are weak, take courage! Hearts that are faint, grow strong! Fear not; see, our God is judgement and he will repay. He himself will come and save us. He means that we could not be saved of ourselves but only with God’s help.


Our Victorious Lady Of Victory At Lepanto- Pray For Us