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The biggest ‘error of the era’ behind that of Catholic and societal denial of the current crisis is the facade on the false narrative of the fault of “the spirit of the Council”

People are quick to quote both scripture and recent analysis but never the contextual work itself of the text of the actual Council documents language and their revolutionary thesis’ in many sections of many documents ?! Why is the Catholic world stuck on a false narrative without proper juris prudence – and scientific analysis – By the Church’s own definition Vatican II is a non-binding , non –dogmatic pastoral Council written for a particular (and outdated ) time that was attempting to be more revolutionary than the times themselves

All of the current  crisis points back to this smoking gun –


Pope Francis has just in this last week of November appointed homosexualist Priest Father Jorge Ignacio Garcoa ,49 , as a Bishop to be consecrated in March of 2018
 This Argentinian version of Father James Martin has , among his other escapades , baptized the children of celebrity homosexual couple Robert Trinidad who is in a pseudo marriage with a transvestite dentist . The Priest also agreed to color photographs with them which were published on the front pages of major Argentine Magazines convincing the average Argentinian that the Church (as Father Martin repeatedly says on his speaking tour ) is in the process of changing its teachings
To which Pope Francis responded to it all with “Well …I’m a revolutionary” and to to which Journalist Eugenio Scalfari double confirmed the Pope’s words prior to publishing-

Homosexualist Named Bishop – On gloria.tv


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In the daily Vatican scandals from today, Oh but one at a time
Pope Francis appointee Deputy Director General of The Vatican Bank was fired and removed from the Vatican by police escort  ! Senior bank official ‘sacked and escorted out of the Vatican’ | CatholicHerald.co.uk


The fact that his second in-charge was also fired and taken out with him as reported by other Italian Catholic media has not as of yet been confirmed (needing Italian translation )  Pope Francis Appointed Deputy director general of the Vatican Bank, Giulio Mattietti, and his second in charge fired on November 27 escorted out of the Vatican


Oh the one from the day before was …..Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster praised Prince Harry’s plans to marry double divorcee apostate Catholic Meghan Markle in 2018
The Cardinal publicly tweeted ! his congratulations and said that “we pray for a life -long commitment to their NEW marriage “….
?! What about the old marriage ?! What do we pray about that
Also of interest & more validity  the African pro-life community denounced the whole thing –
Cardinal Nichols (@CardinalNichols) | Twitter https://twitter.com/cardinalnichols?lang=en

He Is A Pope That Is Surrounding Himself Only With His Own Reality In A Fashion To Which The Independent & Faithful Catholic Press And Recent Authors Are Terming A Moral Relative Dictatorship

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Another Reputable & Faithful Catholic Professor Has Publicly Come Out Against The Heterodoxy And False Ideologies Of Our Pope Francis

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Pope’s Myanmar speech avoids reference to Rohingya – BBC News


Normally balanced criticism of the dissident Papcy from the desk of Phil Lawlor on Catholic Culture .org Comes His Defense Of Silence On The Muslim Rohingya

Perhaps they never heard the Doctor Of The Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas Teaching On Prudent Silence In The Face Of Apostasy, Also Being A Mortal Sin Through Causality

The Pope’s silence on the Rohingya: prudent diplomacy or moral lapse?  | Catholic Culture


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LUTHER’S POPE: Vatican Stamp of Approval of Protestant Revolt? – On Remnant Newspaper TV –Watch Via YouTube

Down in the catacombs, Michael Matt looks at the startling ramifications of the official Vatican stamp commemorating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolt.  The stamp includes the same Crucifixion scene that appears on the facade of the Lutheran Cathedral in Lund, Sweden—the work of a Protestant artist that substitutes the image of Our Lady at the foot of the Cross with that of arch-heretic Martin Luther.  Why would Francis honor a 350-pound degenerate ex-priest who ran off with a Cistercian nun of 26 years? Luther, the excommunicated heretic St. Thomas More called an “agent of the Antichrist”! 

Does this signal a growing apostasy in the Eternal City?  By the way, what’s the connection between this, the New Mass and the Spirit of Vatican II?  Is the rehabilitated Martin Luther emerging as the spiritual Father of Vatican II?



Happy First Friday

December 1 – The Virgin Mary appears to General Gaston de Sonis after his army’s losses at Patay promising that France would survive – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites http://www.nobility.org/2013/11/28/patay/

Reparation Is Required Through Holy Mass And Devotions To The Sacred Heart of Jesus Towards The Social Reign Of His Kingship In Union With The Crucified Heart Of The Mother Of God