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Although Suppression Abounds Sacred Tradition Cannot Be Abolished

The Feast of the Miraculous Medal –Monday November 27th – Don’t despair that it is suppressed in the New Rite and the box on your Novus Ordo Calendar for Nov 27th is blank The Traditional Rite celebrates this Mass and although not proper to the entire Province of The US it is proper to many Dioceses, Orders, Confraternities and Sodalities including Brooklyn Diocese, 2nd & 3rd Order Franciscans, The Confraternity of the Miraculous Medal and the de Montfort Sodalities

Another great day trip if you have the day off is The Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia – A beautiful & powerful place that is still with us from two summers ago visit – To join the Association & acquire their resources and get directions, please go here

Shrine of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia, PA Central Association of the Miraculous Medal



Miracles of the Miraculous Medal | Our Blessed Mother | On America Needs Fatima

(Including The Chair Used By Our Lady To Talk To Saint Catherine)

In 1832, the ravaging finger of cholera hit every home and house in the great city of Paris.

This terrible epidemic, a disease without cure, struck hundreds and beleaguered many more. And yet, an exceptional phenomenon was noticed. Those who devoutly wore a certain small medal around their neck were spared or relieved from the epidemic. Symptoms of the plague were observed to leave the victims and withdraw into the gutters of Paris.

What medal, what power, was this that through the course of time triumphed over such devastating odds? The answer laid among the winding streets of Paris, specifically at the bolted doors of a small sanctuary known as the Rue de Bac.



The Miraculous Medal: Medal of Many Graces – On Tradition, Family, and Property –



We remember fondly the Traditional High Mass celebrated by Bishop O’Connell in 2012 For The Feast of The Miraculous Medal as televised at the time by EWTN

 Solemn Pontifical Mass in Trenton, New Jersey – On Novus Motus Liturgicus



Nov. 27 Our Lady of Miraculous Medal – Watch Bob and Penny Lord – Two Minute Archive – On gloria.tv



Our Lady of the Miracle By Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira



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Another Little Known Important Franciscan of November normally De-emphasized In The New Rite Is -St. Agnes of Assisi – Saint Claire Of Assisi’s Little Sister – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



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Saturday’s Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Saint of November 25 was is unnaturally abolished from the new Rite’s Ordo despite her being firmly part of the Roman Martyrology – This 4th century martyr appeared to Saint Joan Of Arc

Yesterday St. Catherine of Alexandria, saint of November 25



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For Tomorrow November 28th –  How Can The Originator Saint Of The Miraculous Medal be Suppressed Story of St. Catherine Laboure and The Miraculous Medal

Saint Catherine’s feast day is observed on November 28 according to the liturgical calendar of the Congregation of the Mission, the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Paris. She is listed in the Martyrologium Romanum for December 31.[9]



The following day after Saint Catherine Of Laboure on November 29th is of course always the beginning of the Novena to The Immaculate Conception

Novena Prayer of St. Pius X to the Immaculate Virgin Mary- Followed By A Pater Nostra, An Ave, And A Glory Be

O most holy Virgin who didst find favor in God’s sight and hast become His Mother; O Virgin, immaculate in body and soul, in thy faith and in thy love, look down with pity on the wretched who in our need seek thy powerful protection.

The evil serpent on whom was cast the primal curse continues, alas, to attack and ensnare the poor children of Eve. But thou, our Blessed Mother, our Queen and our Advocate, thou who from the first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of this cruel enemy, receive our prayers. United to thee with one heart, we beseech thee to present them before the throne of God.

May we never be caught in the snares around us, but rather may we all reach the harbor of salvation. Despite the awesome perils which threaten, may God’s Church and all Christian society sing out once again the hymn of deliverance, of victory and of peace. Amen.


Another good Novena to the Immaculate Conception with pre-conciliar imprimatur can be found on Fisheaters

Novena to the Immaculate ConceptionSay once a day for nine days, starting on November 29 and ending on December 7th

Novena to the Immaculate Conception



From Tradition And Culture News

November 27 – The king who made France “First-born daughter of the Church” – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



NYC Vintage Photos: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Through the Years | On Untapped Cities |



Saint Catherine Labouré’s Incorrupt Body Beneath the Ru Du Bac

Miraculous-Medal-Shrine-Philadelphia, PA

Side Altar Of The miraculous-medal-shrine-Philadelphia, PA