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Peter Kwasniewski Gets To The Heart Of The Problem In The New Rite And The Kingship Of Christ Feast

In this well written article – Imagine –this is only the detailing of the real particulars – on the changing of our religion via only one Feast – Beware Alice – the rabbit hole of Truth goes much deeper !

Between Christ the King and “We Have No King But Caesar” – On OnePeterFive


However although we are not SSPX I have news for Mr. Kwasniewski
Much of these critical, theological, Christological and ecclesiology , insights on insights of the architects’ protestantization and secularization of the liturgy , the feasts and the meanings has been written about extensively by the theologian Priests of the Society, and Archbishop Marcel Lefebre maintained , along with the conservative last stand group at Vatican II,  that the demotion and re-defintion of the Kingship of Christ was by far the greatest sin of the Council

Correspondingly there  is not one item in his book that can be maintained is not Catholic by anyone but I am sure Mr. Kwasniewski has not read the theologcial works of the Society or ABcp Lefebvre but they are undeniably well written & a well rounded perspective on the crisis and in many ways prophetic as to what is happening and what will happen next. Against the Heresies: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: Amazon.com: Books


A Call To A Return To Theocracy, Restructuring Of The Classes – Restoration of Nobility – The Elite Upper Class, The Upper Middle Classes and Skilled Merchant And Trade Classes That Make Up A Strong Catholic Organic Societal Culture That Generously Renews All The Lower Classes Continues To Call Out To Our Era .

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The Relationship Between The Traditional Mass And Pseudo Pastor Counseling Advocated In Amor Laetiti

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Rome Makes Quibbling Denial of Planned Future Sacrilegious Communion Service with Lutheran Heretics – On EP


The tireless Maike Hickson reveals the conspiracy to continue to change the religion of our Holy Catholic Church was there from the beginning of this regime and continues into powerful maneuvers on an international chessboard against the doctrines and theologies of truth as the Cardinals illustrate the fight against this Papacy’s strange new ideologies and theologies from the beginning of the battle

Papal Promises and Maneuvers: the Revelations of Cardinals Sistach and Meisner – On OnePeterFive


Famous Ratzinger interviewer: Pope Francis is destabilizing the Church | News | LifeSite

Another Sociologist – Author – And Catholic Commentator Comes Out Against The Destructiveness Of Our Holy Father,  = Vittorio Messori


Another Professor (Pietro De Marco, A Reputable & faithful Catholic Professor Has Publicly Come Out Against The Heterodoxy And False Ideologies Of Our Pope Francis

Professor says Pope Francis is re-legitimizing ‘Vatican II’ ideology – Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso


EDWARD PENTIN: Catholic Identity Conference 2017 – YouTube

A well-respected Catholic journalism correspondent and vaticanist who should be a model for us all that seek to wake up more Catholics to the wider situation vs. the mass eclipse of authentic teachings of the Catholic Church .  The strongly held belief is that this 47 mins of his talk echos the sentiments of what the correct orthorpraxic approach should be, as Edward Pentin espouses – a respectful voice – that rejects schools of thought that take the position of sedevaticanism or semi-sedevaticanism but instead seeks to “unite” all traditional AND conservative Catholics in an authentic restoration movement and a unified faithful Catholic ‘Resistance’ , grounded in the principals of counter revolution – Watch via You Tube –>


Vatican expert Edward Pentin lays out the current ‘crisis’ in the Church | News | LifeSite


100 years later, the Lessons of the October Revolution _ Slavery To Progressivism Continues To March Forward


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Cdl. Cupich and Hillary Clinton: Religious Beliefs Have to Change


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Beating Up On The Good Bishops And Silence And Isolation From The Majority Of The Other Bishops

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The Remnant Newspaper – Dialogue with the USCCB: Protest Dismissal of Faithful Priests  Form Complaint Letter To The USCCB On The Link à A Call To Faithful Catholics To Participate In This Supposed Requested Dialogue Lamentabili Sane –- Infallible Papal Teachings Against Catholic Modernism


The Following Unshakeable Papal Encyclical – Formally Condemns The Componential Elements of The Teaching Of Today’s Catholic Hierarchy


Cardinal Müller clarifies: There are ‘no exceptions’ to ban on Communion for ‘remarried’ | News | LifeSite

Proof text that we have a defacto schism in the Catholic Church as driven by our own Pope


Our Lady of Almudena, Nuestra Señora de la Almudena, Patron of November 9 – On TIA


And Lastly a Feast of High Importance For Today A 2nd Double Class Celebrated In White

The Archbasilica of the Most Holy Saviour (St. John Lateran): Mother and Head of All Churches of the City and the World – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

The Feast of the symbol of the living Church of the Mystical Body of Christ



The Papal Noble Guard kneeling before Pius XII

Traditional Mass At The Archbacilica Of Our Savior (Saint John Lateran) The Symbol Of The Living Church In The Oldest Major Church In The World