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It was prophesized that the next world war would begin by an Islamic Civil War that would unify the east before taking over the west and eradicating was left of western Christendom – It was put forth in both private revelations and various interpretations of the Koran

Is our age currently witnessing the beginning of the end of times ?


Muslim Civil War Began Over Holy Sites This Past Summer



Saudi Arabia : Lebanon Has Declared War On Us



Islamic Family Values (Really ?) – On Crisis Magazine



Kuwaiti Migrant Who Called Britain a ‘Bitch Country’ Jailed for Violent Rape



Leftist Catholic Magazine Says Robert Spencer Disagrees With Modern Church Teaching & Pope Francis On Islam


Pope meets with Catholic-Muslim delegation from Britain – Spring Of 2017 – On Vatican Radio


USCCB dialogue with muslims committee statement – Pure Unadulterated Catholic Hersey

“Following the lead of the Second Vatican Council, the unambiguous and consistent support of recent popes, and the goodwill of many celebrated leaders in the Islamic world,

Our path is therefore to proceed confidently in our Christian faith with an openness to receive intimations of truth wherever it is found in other traditions, including Islam.”



November 8 – Charlemagne sent him to his enemies -St. Willehad  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



O Virgin most faithful!
Make me in all things so perfect
a disciple, imitator and slave of
incarnate Wisdom, Jesus Christ, your Son,
that I may come, through your intercession and your example,
to the fullness of his age on earth
and of his glory in heaven.