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All this while the establishment elements of the protestantized Catholic Church continue to have a silent hierarchy in defense of tradition & culture & authentic Catholic doctrine. They choose instead to continue to morph the primary beliefs of the local Catholic Church into fraternal organizations of a conglomerate social justice concern

An article on the false reversal of emphasis on social justice matters to a primacy in Catholic social teaching, something which began as far back as the early 1980s , I don’t believe was adequately covered in this really rather good article on the topic below on Crisis Magazine (The Injustice of Social Justice –http://www.crisismagazine.com/2017/injustice-social-justice ) as well as justice was done to the topic by other well respected Catholic authors such as Dietrich Von Hildebrand in “The Devastated Vineyard”

But someone will object:

  • “We should not only be concerned with the needs of other men and with the distribution which befalls many, such as the catastrophe of starvation. The progressivists in the Church argue that we should also take up the struggle against poverty by re-organizing the political struggle of the state, that we ( the people of the Church should fight against all these social injustices that prevail in many countries We should not give alms no, we should work for a state of things which everyone can be the same and lead the same human existence in which involuntary poverty is eliminated. (Many traditional Catholics will see herein the replacement of evangelism to Catholic doctrine with -egalitarianism , the heresy of Americanism, Pope- Leo XIII and socialism creeping into even conservative Catholic camps) And besides , it is argued, almsgiving tends to make what is a response to the demands of justice , to be an act of loving pity”


  • “A change to state laws ( to make all things and people economically equal ) does not belong to the primary specific mission of the Church. It belongs to the real mission of the Church to defend morality., to admonish men to it, to impose it upon every individual Christian, and this involves fighting the moral evil which everyone commits who commits a social injustice. The Church must oppose this injustice as a sin, because like all sins, it offends the one true God and endangers the eternal salvation of the man who commits the sin. But it is only indirectly her task to obtain a more just order of things of the state”

Von Hildebrand


Found herein is the proper context of Catholic history and Catholic social teaching on these traditional analogous elites of country’s illustrious past

Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII: A Theme Illuminating American Social History – TFP


Liberty, the God That Failed: Policing the Sacred and Constructing the Myths of the Secular State, from Locke to Obama: Christopher A. Ferrara, Patrick McKinley Brennan:On  Amazon.com: Books


Slavery , despite what the historo-revisionists newly claim, was not the main focus of the civil war It was revamping re-org’ing the power structure and the economic structure to the north away from an Agrarian based country and unto a component of the industrial revolution needing to be funded – And that could , in their eyes, never be funded when the South was in control of Congress and the country’s funding , resources and distribution chains When the Civil War started the majority of the hypocritical northern elites still owned slaves – Temporary slavery was at the time ,  the culture of the entire world since before during and after the time of Christ – Born into slavery and slavery for life based on skin color is something the United States invented and the culture in Brazil , unlike the northern US hypocrites , was nothing like what modern secular history books describe – The north were not advocates of abolishing slavery and even up through Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln himself was not established as an abolitionist at all- He himself as a Senator gave recorded – archived testimony for limiting and reducing slavery but advocated for not abolishing it The re-writing of history and suppression of factual truth took place back then just like it does now only now it happens , surprisingly  with much more frequent and on a much grander scale

The States holding the line on their history and culture even to the this day – can be proven in simple research which we have always maintained is part of the Truth that anyone can access

Close to a dozen states still observe a State Holiday for Robert E Lee’s birthday there are States Holidays where all the main institutions are closed and everyone is paid For Confederate Memorial Day , the Battle of New Orleans And in the territories  of Puerto Rico The Virgin Islands and Guam – Little Christmas-(Epiphany Of The Three Kings) and some of the Islands the Immaculate Conception is still a paid Holiday –

How far shall we go in abolishing the past and gutting the culture

Sodomy up until the the 1960s it was felony “In the majority” of States a felony and if caught in the act one could spend years and years in jail. Up until the 1990s until the pseudo psychiatric associations of the US began lobbying to change homosexuality from a behavioral disorder to something natural it was still listed as the traditional Roman Catholic Church teaches it is – a behavioral psychiatric disorder  The people outside the Truth can maintain its not true and jump up and down with emotion but science and history are permanently recorded Until of course in the Goebels future we begin to look at libraries as discriminatory institutions. Believe it the time is fast approaching

In Post Of The NFL Disgracing The Country We Must Call For The Return To Order Against Evidence Of The Spreading
Revolution Into Society

NFL Steelers didn’t participate in national anthem today – ABC News

The Battle Being Waged Within Professional Sports By Boycotts Called For By Traditional Catholic Organizations Like The TFP And Others Has Had Impact Towards Change

  • Monday night football ratings hit season low, some say by 17%
  • Sunday game ratings are down too
  • New polls say NFL is the least liked sport and core fans are down by 31%
  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said players that disrespect the flag won’t play
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is considering measures to ensure that all players stand for the anthem in an upcoming annual meeting
  • _________________________________________________________________

Trudeau Liberals push to make national anthem ‘gender neutral’ | News | LifeSite


  • The IT will become exalted and there will become a requirement to exalt IT and then what will come is IT will be divinized as the new God- man as a higher form of being – in our lifetime


The Saint Of The Day For November 7th Is Another Noble Franciscan  That Shares  Teachings That Would Help Us Return To Order

Bl. Bernardine of Fossa – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites