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At this juncture it would be good to re- read the former Pope Benedict XVI , the then Cardinal Ratzinger’s Chapter on Rites Of The Church in his hallmark book The Spirit Of The Liturgy

While reading this book almost seven years after first reading it I could not help but sense the gravity of now seeing these writings through fuller proper historical perspective and conclude that while the Pope Emeritus has the most insightful Liturgical depth , not to be found in many other rare sources, his involvement as periti in Vatican II and his sparse statements on trying to create some liturgical continuity against the rupture with tradition school of thought I find now as a perspective lacking substantiation But moreover, and by majority  this book is in and of itself still an indispensable re-read at this juncture

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~Rite~ – Important Chapter From – Spirit Of The Liturgy – Pope Benedict XVI while Prefect Cdl Ratzinger

With the attack on the liturgy now in the cross hairs , we can see clearly (relating to Benedict XVI writings and life’s work staving off the wolves of Germanic infiltration) that the architecture of the German culture being part of the Roman Rite has always had its problems . From the Germanic peoples has come the majority of ideologies and post modernity progressivism not even to speak of the World War II era of their eugenics


From the news round up on the real theology behind much of this, it is surprisingly not hard to see the core ideologies of the hybrid of ecclesiastical freemasonry and evangelical lutheranism . Concluding the links below with the proof text article by the well-respected Vaticanista journalist and theologian Sandro Magister – where he directly quotes Pope Francis plans to investigate how to go about lifting the excommunication of the mathematician and 33rd degree freemason Blaise Pascal and initiate himself his cause for Sainthood – So now we will soon have the next debate in Roman Catholic circles to be mocked as to whether someone in hell can have their excommunication lifted ( not saying I or anyone else has determined this archenemy of the Church is indisputably there or not) and whether that same person can become a Saint. It would be hard since the same Pope not to long ago concurred with the theory that there may not be a physical hell but easy in that he also declared that we should now have non-Catholic Saints

See concluding write up at the bottom that summarizes what is going on


Pete Balinski’s Articles Lays Out The Facts Of How  Liberal Catholics Are Baying For The Blood Of Cardinal Sarah 

In his recent book, The Power of Silence, the Cardinal makes it clear that the Church is in crisis. 

“The Church today is going through unprecedented exterior and interior trials. Something like an earthquake is seeking to demolish her doctrinal foundations and her centuries-old moral teachings,” he wrote. 



The War Against Cardinal Sarah By Marco Toscotti On First Things


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The Pope Publicly  Considers The Possibility Of The Beatification Of People
In Hell Contrary To His Statements Last Year Agreeing With His Good Friend
That Hell Might Not Exist – Confused ?! It Gets Better

 The Showstopper For a Jesuit Pope: To Beatify Pascal, the Archenemy –Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso


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Now More Articles Arise Trying To Refocus the Catholic World On Its Successes Of Liturgical Orthopraxy

Liturgy, Authority, and Postmodernity: An Article by Dom Alcuin Reid on CWR – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

“Catholic liturgy, then, intentionally has its eyes firmly focused on Almighty God and not modernity, postmodernity, or any other culture or philosophy. It has, as Sacrosanctum Concilium taught, a fundamental place in the Christian life as the source and summit of the life and mission of the Church



Liturgy, Authority, and Postmodernity – On Catholic World Report (No Less)



Some of the these articles are highly insightful and well written – The intent here is not scandalize but to address one of the on-going critical path problems in the Church , one that caused the Priest sex scandal to multiply and create facilitators in “the denial phase”  There are so many luke-warm , semi-practicing and or non-practicing Catholics in the country and the world today . Most of these folks , many of them well meaning , still do not understand that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is in an unprecedented historic crisis and that an ideology of masonry, religious indifference, and syncretistic utopianism has infiltrated the Church during the Vatican II years and has multiplied within her to the point of self-destruction. While the moral malaise and progressive modernism was building for almost a century prior to the Council in various incubator sectors it rose to hierarchical power in the Church in the 1960s

Not many people have studied not just masonry itself but it’s multi-century infiltration of its religion into establishment religions and governments 

It must be understood in truth that freemasonry, in its upper level degrees, exalts islamic worship as “one of” it’s highest forms of Arian worship and in the final degrees Baphonet is carried as part of the rite of passage into “full enlightenment” In order for the ideologies of this religion to come to be an international mandate there is one thing that has always stood in its way =  the core elements of the Catholic Rites of unified liturgy. The Mass must be undermined, cremation must proliferate the ideology of the phoenix, the real presence of our God within a tabernacle to be mocked and set aside to a corner , and morality must be left to the consciences of each individual not natural and divine laws to be held against Sacrament and Penance so that the true God within man – with man up in front and at the center “anthropocentrism”  can reign to the fullness of its nature
“fallen creation”. When this is accomplished then “IT” will be brought in to be worshiped, a figure of a human in the form of androgyny, the ultimate creation of fallen creation

From The On-going Ending The Denial Statistics – The Situation In Quebec Canada Is Typical Of Many Major Cities In Post-conciliar Catholicism

In the years just prior to Vatican II there were close to 9,000 priests; today there are less than 2,500 most of whom are elderly; many of whom live in nursing homes.  Prior to the Council, Mass was attended by 90% of the Catholic population; today it is 4% and hundreds of Christian communities have simply disappeared. The pews throughout the majority of the western novus ordo Rite Churches of major cities throughout the west are now regularly 80% + empty yet the masonic dismantling of the Church continues They all have the same freemasonic  ideology of the analogy of the new Catholic Church as the phoenix , it must destroy itself and break with the past to be born anew It’s in every masonic text book that was ever written.

The Great Theologian  And Author Dietrich Von Hildebrand – On the hierarchy coming to power in the Church quoted from the Devastated Vineyard

“The enemies who were hidden in the Trojan Horse have stepped out of their encampment and the active work of destruction is in high gear… The purpose of this book is… to give a short, clear presentation of the principal errors which are being presented today as a breakthrough of the ‘modern’ man who has ‘come of age,’ whom one can supposedly no longer expect to believe the teaching of the Church in the form it has taken up to now…. Secondly, we shall especially try to unmask those hidden, subtle errors … under beautiful, apparently noble titles, and whose danger is often overlooked even by believing Catholics.”

A Warrior Against Freemasonry And A Powerful Advocate Of The Immaculate
Heart Of Mary – Saint Anthony Mary Claret


Having Left Cuba For His Duties As Confessor To The Queen Of Spain – Saint Anthony Mary Claret – On Nobility And Analogous Traditional Elites


Symbol And Crest Of The Missionary Sons Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary~inset~