Taking A Closer Look At THE PARIS STATEMENT – “A Europe We Can Believe “– An accord signed by French, Belgian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, English, German, and Dutch philosophers and academics available in eleven languages https://thetrueeurope.eu/a-europe-we-can-believe-in/  and Claire Chretien’s Insightful Piece – Philosophers warn Europe: protect borders, restore marriage if you want to survive | News | LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/philosophers-warn-europe-protect-borders-restore-marriage-if-you-want-to-su We discover again the culture of death has deep seated partners – The not so strange world leaders’ support of radical islam’s migration is well into the population control minions and architects’ of the  power brokers of the new false elite.  The majority do not realize the extent and depth of the interconnections of the culture of death – Abortion – (Infanticide) Legal Suicide – Wall Street Pharmaceutical Industry Contraception – Sodomy Rights Laws and protection of the advance of militant Arianism – the cults of the near east philosophies (including jehovahs witnesses , which have a soft form of a cultic militarism) – There is extensive documented evidence that these  elements share resources on an economic, political, and spiritual level for decades Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda –  Brian Clowes, Ph.D. On Human Life International https://www.hli.org/resources/exposing-the-global-population-control/

***New Cities Are Being Planned***

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Pro-abort billionaire George Soros gives $18 billion to make his foundation second richest in U.S. | News | LifeSite


Soros Picking Up The Eugenics Mission Where The Rockefellers And The Disciples Of Margret Sanger left off , never have we been this close to public proposal of Nazism to be reinvigorated and implemented in various new ways on much greater scaled proportions

Outrageousness : As Women Told There is a ‘Moral Duty’ to Abort Children With Down Syndrome – On Save the Storks

Van der Lubbe argued that because people with Down syndrome are a “financial burden,” parents who get a prenatal diagnosis should not have the freedom to give birth to their babies — instead, they should get an abortion, or receive a government fine. van der Lubbe’s op-ed isn’t the first, either; multiple articles have been published recently echoing similar sentiments, with headlines such as “Better Off Without Down.”https://savethestorks.com/2017/09/outrageous-women-told-moral-duty-abort-children-syndrome/  Denmark Wants Total Elimination of People With Down Syndrome, Aborts 98% of Babies | LifeNews.com  And the Hitler like mantra is that to achieve this there must be heavy fines Denmark Wants Total Elimination of People With Down Syndrome, Aborts 98% of Babies | LifeNews.com http://www.lifenews.com/2017/03/28/denmark-wants-total-elimination-of-people-with-down-syndrome-aborts-98-of-babies/

It is  a hybrid form of “pressure socialism with eugenics”The architecture of support that was set up for all this under the Obama administration was hardcore socialism and could take much longer than the duration of two Trump administrations to dismantle

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LifeSiteNews co-founder: Problems in the Church today are ‘unthinkable’ | News | LifeSite

Pope Francis has suggested a global government could be a solution to environmental problems.

Current papacy empowering population controllers  Under Pope Francis, abortion supporters like Paul Ehrlich, one of the founders of the modern movement to dramatically reduce human reproduction even if by coercion, have been invited to address the Vatican. Ehrlich has said Church teaching on contraception is tantamount to terrorism. Ehrlich is the author of the discredited alarmist book “The Population Bomb.”


How the acceptance of sodomy in the Church and in Society internationally plays into this a large part of the entire heretical schema

Just the facts – no innuendo or second hand information. What are the exact things Father James Martin is promoting and saying in the Churches on his on-going book tour – recorded and documented first hand – setting the record straight

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Promotion of Homosexuality: The Defining Image of a Corrosive Pontificate – On Rorate


Program for 2018 World Meeting of Families Features Homosexual Imagery & Themes – OnePeterFive


St. Artemius as a militant soldier defending the honor of God and the Church