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Following the news of the award of the  administering  of a major Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut To The Institute of Christ the King (The church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius,  which began this past Sunday ) comes

ICKP: Good news from England – Major Announcement Posted On Rorate


Pontifical Press Release – Inner City Preston -ICKP 2nd Church – And School
– Sister Adorers Of The Royal Heart Of Jesus Christ Soverign Priest – Female
Branch Of The Institute Is Established ! – See pdf of the link —>


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjZDKkfS8WA Home – Shrine Church Saint Walburge, Lancaster Diocese the tallest Church in England Becomes An ICKP Church


A Site To Behold – Kingship Of Christ Processions And Traditional Mass In “ Northern Ireland”

ICKP Latin Mass Chaplaincy | Archdiocese of Dublin  ! http://www.latinmassdublin.ie/


Old Rite Dominicans Have Elected New Prior -And
PCED Approved Construction Expansion Continues Of Gigantic Monastery In
France – By Giuseppe Nardi –  Translated From Katholisches – On EP



The Traditional Rite Gaining Ground In Southern Nigeria

The Latin Mass, Thriving in Southeastern Nigeria – Published in The Sunday New York Times – Op Ed Section



How Metropolitan Detroit Became a Center for Latin Liturgy – YouTube



An Ambo and a Pulpit – Sacred Art & Architecture Photo Post By Gregory
Dipippo on Novus Motus Liturgicus

Includes photo of a Mass where Priests of the Fraternity of St Vincent
Ferrer were very graciously invited to celebrate a Solemn Mass in the
Dominican Rite at the Fraternity of St Peter’s Roman parish, Santissima
Trinità dei Pellegrini – Also A PCED promoted location – (Pontifical Commission Of Ecclesia Dei)



A Defense of Liturgy as “Carolingian Court Ritual” On Novus Motus Liturgicus



The Traditional Mass: A Remedy for Modern Man’s Spiritual Ills – Crisis Magazine



Notes and News


Massive turnout for rosary crusade in Poland. Liberals furious | News | LifeSite


Hundreds of thousands pray rosary at Polish border | CatholicHerald.co.uk



How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds – WSJ



The Nine Day Novena to Saint Gerard Majella Continues

Traditional Novena To Saint Gerard  https://www.fisheaters.com/novenas.html#gerard  Other acceptable Nine Day Novenas To Saint Gerard  http://www.saintgerard.com/nineday.html


This Day In Living Liturgically

October 10 – How to overcome bad ancestry –

Formation Through The Poor Clares And The Devotion To The Education Of One’s Children On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites



October 9th Was The Amazing Saint John Leonardi, Confessor – Apropos For Columbus Day Holiday – On Regina Magazine



Church of the Dormition, Kalambaka, Greece ~Credits to NML- G Dipippo

Restoration Notes

Dietrich Von Hildebrand – On the deepest communion and promoting reverence

“A specific error found in liberalism, an error found widely in protestantism – to believe that the more a thing is peripheral , the more it leads towards the spirit of communion; and that , on the cotnrary, the more deeply we are moved by something and the higher the value in question, the more we are plunged into solitude. The opposite is true. Those good isolate which are merely subjectively satisfying. The world of authentic values, on the contrary unites. And God, the deepest theme of each of us . the higher good is at the same time the most general theme of each of us, the highest good, is at the same time the most general theme, of which we cannot be absolutely conscious unless we are also conscious of our ultimate deepest communion with all men.”

There are certain non-liturgical forms of community among the faithful where, in spite of a common faith, the plane on which we unite is quite distinct from the supernatural. In numerous Catholic associations, despite their practical significance, fellowship is too often born out of social or professional interests. Their atmosphere is made up of coziness and smugness , joviality, jollity, in which the other person is considered as playing a social role as a comrade, a buddy or at best as one sharing the same world view. In such associations, the abundance and depth of the spiritual person as a creature in the image of God, his membership in the Mystical Body of Christ , and that he is a son of God are effaced in consciousness and do not play the part of a real , accomplished element in the sense of communion. In such unions , we cannot form a spirit of reverence toward our brothers, the kind of spirit which we directly acquire in the Liturgy and which rings out to us  in the Epistle of Easter Saturday : “ But you are a chosen generation,  a kingly priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people” The man formed by the Liturgy is also reverent towards his own body. He regards it as “the temple of the Holy Spirit” This simple truth of supernatural life is achieved in the Liturgy. Let us recall the rites of Baptism, Confirmation, and Anointing of the Sick.

From “Liturgy and Personality – The Healing Power Of Formal Prayer” DVH Sofia Institute Press