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Anyone In An Accident Can Be Euthanized – Court Rules Doctors Can Starve Disabled Patients to Death Without a Court Order | LifeNews.com


The Betrayal Of Doctors Against Their Hippocratic Oath

Pharmaceutical Euthanasia Death – Doctors Killing For Money And Being Subsidized By The Government Picks Up The Pace.    Doctors ! that facilitated at least 504 lethal prescriptions in one state in one year alone

111 People Killed Themselves in Assisted Suicides in California Last Year | LifeNews.com


One OF The Major Drivers —> The Truth About The Billion Dollar Organ Donation Industry And The Relationship To Euthanasia By Brain Death Declaration Agreements With Hospitals And Doctors

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Life Guardian Foundation   To Protect and Preserve Life


Death Too Soon | Organ Harvesting -Expose’ On Mic’d Up


Pharmaceutical Infanticide Death

ACLU Sues to Force Every Pharmacy in America to Sell the Abortion Drug to Kill Babies | LifeNews.com


Union bosses betray their oaths to protect their rank and file over that views of the Corporations in favor of the new socialism movement

Southwest Airlines allegedly fires employee for sharing ‘offensive’ pro-life messages on Facebook | News | LifeSite

Employees , even union represents employees can be fired now for pro-life views on Facebook even while off the job – freedom of speech only applies to those who are unemployed.


Socialistic State Begins

A Certified RN Hospital Nurse Is Arrested And Bodily Handcuffed On The Job In Utah For Refusing To Draw Someone’s Blood On Police Command


A Federal Judge Earlier This Summer Overrode The People and the Legislative State Of Arkansas In Order To Decide Who Lives Or Dies

A Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas from Enforcing Four Abortion Restrictions


Republican Congressman Tim Murphy Becomes A Living Contradiction To The Pro-Life Movement

GOP Rep  Tim Murphy, popular with pro-life movement, urged abortion in affair, texts suggest | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Never Have We Been This Close To Public Proposals Of Nazism

Outrageous: Women Told There is a ‘Moral Duty’ to Abort Children with Down Syndrome – Save the Storks

Van der Lubbe argued that because people with Down syndrome are a “financial burden,” parents who get a prenatal diagnosis should not have the freedom to give birth to their babies — instead, they should get an abortion, or receive a government fine. van der Lubbe’s op-ed isn’t the first, either; multiple articles have been published recently echoing similar sentiments, with headlines such as “Better Off Without Down.”https://savethestorks.com/2017/09/outrageous-women-told-moral-duty-abort-children-syndrome/  Denmark Wants Total Elimination of People With Down Syndrome, Aborts 98% of Babies | LifeNews.com  And the Hitler like mantra is that to achieve this there must be heavy fines http://www.lifenews.com/2017/03/28/denmark-wants-total-elimination-of-people-with-down-syndrome-aborts-98-of-babies/

Live Apologetics Among The Corrupted Youth Who Are Tomorrow’s Soldiers of A New American Civil War In Favor Of Socialism and Forced Abortions

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion Debate at Penn State University- TFP Student Action


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The Euthanasia Deception: A New Film, An Old Lie – Crisis Magazine


The Coming Of Sacraments, Funerals, and Catholic Cemeteries For People Who Commit Suicide According To A Canadian Bishop’s Conference- A harbinger to the evolving U.S. new rite Catholicism –

Some Canadian Bishops Pull Punches on Euthanasia – Crisis Magazine



This Former Nazi Neighborhood on Long Island with Adolf Hitler Street Still Exists | Untapped Cities

The pinnacle of a more entrenched pro-Hitler community in the United States in the 1930s would latter survive to this day in Eugenics and Margret Sangers of the world


A Student Of Nazi Philosophies On The Active Pursuit Of The Perfect Race and The Elimination Of Black Minorities , & The Psychical And Mentally Handicapped Through Abortion and Contraception Is  = Margret Sanger

Sanger’s Racist Legacy And Eugenics Mission Lives on in New York City Schools – Crisis Magazine



How The State Is Involved In Socializing The Youth In This Cultural And Religious Revolution

Why Socialism Destroys Liberty – YouTube



And then by contrast we have an example of a faithful Catholic battlefield warrior with the Catholic Counter Revolution

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Man of Faith and Action – The American TFP



St. Placidius The Martyr For Truth