Rewind to the root ideology, philosophy, and theology

Of interesting note is both this Pope in the 1800s and the Office of the Holy See’s understanding of the relationship of releasing these encyclicals against modernism and progressivist errors on the anniversaries of the Immaculate Conception became the key to understanding the relationship to the central components of the heresies – only through her Immaculate Conception!

Likewise Papal infallibility that was always present as part of the Church but was codified in its finalizing and re-proclaimed as part of , yes, an  anniversary of the Immaculate Conception !

Another key in understanding the negative and the positive released purposely in two document releases by the same Pope in a ‘relatively’ short period of time

This one was the negative proclamation

The Syllabus Of Errors – Papal Encyclicals


Which has to be read in the context of the positives within the same proclamations subject

Quanta Cura – Papal Encyclicals

Condemning Errors of Modernism and Progressivism

What they tried to do is reverse the teachings on other religions that are outside of the truth from their condemnation to a “religious liberty” found for the first time in the Catholic Church in an heretical supposedly ordinary magisterial pastor teaching Vatican II document Humanae Vitae (July 25, 1968) | which  attempted unsuccessfully to reverse the Catholic Dogma that there is no salvation outside the Church. Where this new philosophy was used in the 21st for its sister the rights of man

Subsequently , and importantly, as  it was predicted in that they would leverage this new teaching , foreign to the Catholic Church on the acceptance of religious liberty and liberty of religion and morph it into liberty of conscience

Hence the central refutation of this false ideological heretical philosophy lies within the theological teachings of the Immaculate Conception and the relationship of original sin to that of mankind and the Savior. Complete freedom of individual conscience and its challenge to original sin and the conception of one conceived without sin.

Pope Pius IX infallibly proclaimed that “ANYONE that makes a pact or attempts to make a pact of reconciliation with progress , liberalism, and modern society is ‘unequivocally condemned” Jamdudum Cerimus 1861

Also addressed in the great Brazilian Catholic Professor’s compilation of Church teachings explained in details that a lay person can understand The relationship between the eternal magisterium of The Catholic Church and the ordinary magisterium and what constitutes the extraordinary magisterium in keeping with the framework of the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church

 Can Documents of the Magisterium of the Church Contain Errors? by  Arnaldo Vidigal Xavier da Silveira

Although a purchase of the hardcover version as a Catholic family home resource and reference book is most preferable,  the pdf version is located here ––>

We must understand that the Church teaches that “Liberalism” is a sin . Cardinal Ottaviani also has comprehensive teachings – sermons and published writing on the Church teachings on this subject

In this same teaching the famous Catholic theologian , Father Don Felix Sardia y Salvany quoting same explicates it best, as follows

“Any form of liberalism which puts on the same level both truth and error , and which rejects Jesus Christ over society , anticipates and constitutes political premise for that moral relativism which was to prove the scourge of the 21st century”

Which was quoted and confirmed in the teachings of Saint John Paul II –in  Evangelium Vitae as follows

“When Liberty emancipates itself from objective and common truth social life puts itself onto the moving sands of total relativism, the result of this fatal relativism is that right stops being right. Democracy to the disgrace of its own rules then embarks on the path of substantial totalitarianism”  Saint John Paul II – Evangelium Vitae

You then have the progressive linkages from liberation theology, to socialism and various forms of communism ‘light’

“Even if a long and protracted series of erred Papal documents and teachings were to ensue it would not affect the eternal magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church for if it did and suddenly it was “the Church “ that could be mistaken then the doors of hell would have prevailed against the bridge of Christ – And this is not possible The Church would have transformed herself into a master of errors from whose dangerous and even fatal influence the faithful would have no means of escape “ – the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as articulated by Prof. Arnaldo Vidigal Xavier da Silveira

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