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Defiance !

As the revolution spreads deeper into Professional Sports 

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We Must Call For The Return To Order Against Evidence Of The Spreading
Revolution Into Society

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“SportsCenter” anchor ESPN’s massive layoffs due to network’s liberal programming –

In Early Summer 2017 – The Changeup: Liberals Now Saying ESPN’s Liberal Bias is a Good Thing

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Where Has the Music Gone? – Return to Order

The Real Music – Not Popular Mainstream Music – But Music Played By Our Own Families + Ethnic and Cultural Music – The Revolution Attacks It As Well


*** The solutions lie not only in a return to the traditional Catholic faith but traditional Catholic culture ***

Make peace with your extended families – raise larger families by adopting if necessary- The family is one of the the key corporations of the Faith – Traditional families are the fortune 500 corporations of our culture and religion Many ask what is the secret to a successful traditional family .
The  ingredients in the mix is to identify the vehicles of the enemy – #1 is to TURN OFF THE TV- Get your entertainment from – great literature, classic books , other languages, varied cultural music and traditional dance , and from nature ! Go for walks along rivers, ponds, in parks, and where-ever peacefulness can be found. Art and Architecture to be visited , viewed , photographed, studied , and shared has dozens of worthy sub-subjects.  Use the TV very sparingly and selectively – only for scheduled programs one planned to watch in advance with the family through devices such as the movie apps & programs available through services like Roku. Only movies and music programs that have been thoroughly per-reviewed for their acceptability . Be highly aware that the TV airwaves – in cable and satellite as well is just about completely overthrown and is being used as THE primary vehicle of the revolution into your family and your own subconscious – When people ask me how have you made so much progress on the study front in the culture and the faith, what is your secret -I answer = ten years ago I shut off the TV and found out that the withdrawal process is not as bad as originally anticipated. Especially when you have good planned active content rushing in immediately behind the gap.

Some examples

The Teachings Of A Great Saint To Protect Us From Modernism-

A Medieval Remedy for Modernity’s Ills – Father John Perricone On Crisis Magazine

St. Bernard Doctor Of The Church


In The Defense Against The Ideologies Of Freemasonry Overtaking Our Culture Today

Garcia Moreno, President of Ecuador, Writes to His Holiness Blessed Pius IX – One Of The Great Popes Who Fought Masonry – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


While the only remaining classical station remaining on the airwaves – (NY and Newark NJ) WQXR is an awesome resource that many take advantage of even while traveling out of country and state – there are even many that are to be found outside the US in hotel lobbys and courtyards listening to its web stream via Wi-Fi we must keep in mind that the revolution has permeated the air “everywhere” and is needing to be discerned in every quarter with a ‘beware’ r—> read the link below for A PERFECT EXAMPLE

10 Pieces Perfect for Whenever the Apocalypse Strikes – WQXR
Great music resident here although religious writers they are not
The author of this WQXR – piece, whomever that might be , comes off as a bit
narcissistic not to mention amateurish for the mettle of supposedly more
educated classical music folks . Moreover it appears written as if from #1
the perspective of an unbeliever and #2 of one who was directed by a
superior to put together such a compilation , knowing – but reluctantly –
that such great pieces exist and probably have not been put into such a playlist


1517 The protestant revolution

1717 The freemasonic – underpinnings begin to the French revolution to enter the west

1917 The socialistic /communist revolution envelopes the east and eastern europe against the prophesies of our Lady of Fatima

2017 At the halfway point of the next two hundred year mark of the revolution , the revolution enters the majority of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church while the faithful resist in counter revolution in the tried and true methods of the Saints, submersion in prayer, study,  culture , music, and traditional liturgy

Revolution and Counter-Revolution i—>n Other Languages – The American TFP

Revolution and Counter-Revolution. (Third Edition) By Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


From The Battle Of Alexander