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Theologians, Professionals, & Faithful Clergy Begin To Speak Out On Crisis With The Papacy & Progressivist Heterodox Cardinals, Bishops, And Priests and begin to organize fraternal corrections, conferences , population control watch seminars, and theology workshops.

The highlight surrounds the societal revolution of moral breakdown in lock step with the Church and the relationship of the erroneous nouvelle theologie and the loss of traditional Catholic education becomes the domino effect of approval of legal birth control, sodomite and lesbian relationships , infanticide, and suicide. A society’s morality meltdown cascades into a drastic population reduction crisis with more dominoes to drop immanently


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Müller criticises Francis papacy for lacking theological rigour, and hints at comeback

The Vatican’s former doctrine chief has criticised Francis’ papacy for lacking theological rigour, while suggesting he is ready to make a comeback and work in the Roman Curia. 

During a book presentation in Germany last Friday, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, dismissed from his job by the Pope in July, recalled how the Jesuit Cardinal Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) told Pope Clement VIII that he did not understand anything about theology. 


Vaticanistas Have It That A Correction to Amoris Laetita Imminent – (Currently being debated is ) Who will the other signatories be?



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Il Papa The Climate Change Scientist

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Australian Bishops Divide Over Legalizing Gay Marriage




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USCCB’s Documented History Of Corruption

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Finland’s Population Collapse . The number of newborns has fallen to its lowest level in 148 years

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Population Conference

You’re invited to attend an urgent online event to discover how radical enemies of life are pushing their global agenda to end poverty by eliminating the poor… and how they’re using the Vatican to achieve their goals.

The event is called “The International Conference on Population Control,” and you can learn more and register to attend for FREE at:  http://populationconference.com  

This crucial and timely conference is being organized because the Catholic Church is under unprecedented attack.  Radical advocates of population control — including abortion proponents — are seeking a beachhead inside the Church under the guise of poverty reduction and environmental protection. They’ve formed alliances with key players in the Vatican in the name of “helping the poor,” while they secretly work to undermine and subvert the Church and her teachings … from within. Never, in the 2,000+ year history of Catholicism, have anti-life forces gained such a dangerously high level of access and influence.

To learn the latest news, and to help combat this crisis, you are invited to attend this one-time-only LIVE online conference being held from October 17—19. During 12 action-packed sessions, you will discover:

  • The identities of the population control extremists funding and leading the subversion of the Church
  • How population reduction — including abortion, forced sterilization, and condom distribution — is being covertly disguised as poverty reduction
  • The devastating implications this subversion will have for humanity, if not stopped
  • How YOU can help protect the Catholic Church from these internal attacks

Register to attend for FREE at:  http://populationconference.com

You will hear directly from top Catholic experts, including:

  • BP. ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER, Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan
  • MICHAEL HICHBORN, President, The Lepanto Institute
  • JUDIE BROWN, President, American Life League
  • STEVEN W. MOSHER, President, Population Research Institute
  • LIZ YORE, Child Advocacy Attorney
  • JOHN-HENRY WESTEN, Editor-In-Chief, LifeSiteNews.com
  • MARGUERITE A. PEETERS, Founder, Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics
  • FR. SHENAN BOQUET, President, Human Life International
  • DR. BRIAN CLOWES, Director of education and research at Human Life International.
  • RICCARDO CASCIOLI, Director, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
  • ETTORE GOTTI TEDESCHI, Italian Economist, Ex-President of Vatican Bank
  • RAYMOND DE SOUZA, President, Sacred Heart Institute (United States)
  • MIKE CHURCH, Radio Show Host, Conference Emcee

By registering and attending this conference, you’ll be equipped and empowered to help protect our beloved Catholic Church at this crucial moment in history. But don’t wait to register! The announcement about this online conference is being sent to hundreds of thousands of people, and there are limited spaces available … so register NOW, before all the spots fill up: http://populationconference.com


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Will We Witness Again Public Executions Of Faithful Priests  Like Fr. Gabriel Malagrida Pictured Here Below ?