This coming Wednesday, September 20, the 6PM Mass at Holy Innocents will be a Sung Mass for Ember Wednesday.


On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the 6PM Mass at Holy Innocents will a Sung Mass for the Feast of the Apostle St. Matthew.


On Friday, September 22, the 6PM Mass at Holy Innocents will be a Sung Mass for Ember Friday.


Please join the Candlelight prayer Rally on Friday, September 22 after the 6PM Latin Mass at Holy Innocents. The Rally will head to Herald Square 34th Street & Broadway and walk to Times Square 42nd Street & Broadway.


On Saturday, September 23, the 1PM Mass at Holy Innocents will be a Sung Mass for Ember Saturday.

Ember days are days at the beginning of the seasons ordered by the Church as days of fast and abstinence.

May such beautiful days of fast and abstinence bring about “time for true and fruitful penance, an always repentant heart and amendment of life, the grace and consolation of the Holy Ghost, and final perseverance in good works” (as the old Papal blessing used to go).


Ember Days (from Latin Quatuor Tempora, four times) are the days at the beginning of the seasons ordered by the Church as days of prayer, fast, abstinence, mortification, and almsgiving. Though these days were definitely arranged and prescribed for the entire Church by Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085), their real origin goes back to the early days of the Church at Rome. The Ember Days are specific to the West; the East does not know them.

In addition to prayer and fasting, another reason for the Ember Days is to thank God for the gifts of nature, to teach men to make use of them in moderation, and to assist the needy. The immediate occasion (for their origin) was the practice of the heathens of Rome who worked in agriculture. In the months June, September, and December, the Romans invoked their false deities for protection upon their fruits of the earth: in June for a bountiful harvest, in September for a rich vintage, and in December for the seeding.

The Church, when converting heathen nations, has always tried to sanctify any practices that could be utilized for a good purpose. At first, the Church in Rome had fasts in June, September, and December, but the exact days were not fixed. The Church, on these days, taught Christians to consecrate the seasons by means of fasting, abstinence, prayer, mortification, and almsgiving in order to invoke the blessing of the One and True God upon their crops by means of sun and rain in due season.

Additionally, following the example of Our Lord, who fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, the Church always prepared for special feasts and festivals by fasting (Saturdays were days of fast and abstinence in preparation for Mass on the Lord’s Day – Sunday). This helped Christians to prepare spiritually and to increase their life of virtue by subduing the flesh to the spirit: “Fasting has always been the nourishment of virtues. By voluntary mortifications, the flesh dies to its concupiscence and the spirit is renewed in virtue” (Pope St. Leo).

  • Taken from Catholic Enclopedia and A Pulpit Commentary on Catholic Teaching: The Liturgy of the Ecclesiastical Year.
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 Ember Days In The Real Four Seasons Of The Roman Catholic Church vs. Judaism Explained – TCE

The current rabbinical Judaism will recognize their change of seasons – fast and atonement high Holiday Yom Kippur on our Michaelmas change of seasons which is next Friday the 29th  – of September after which our traditional rite liturgy of the hours seasons change –  Yom Kippur –On Wikipedia while Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the abrogated covenant of the Jewish liturgical year (their new years) Rosh Hashanah – on Wikipedia .while the new covenant’s new year begins the fast and atonement of Advent on the Vespers of the first Sunday (Saturday evening ) in  December their new year will begin tonight through Friday – our Ember Wednesday – thru Ember Friday – The difference in the practice of the Covenants is striking – as seen in this reversal  . Contributing to the confusion is the fact that the moving of the celebration of the Kingship of Christ in the new Rite from its rightful place at the last weekend of October to the last thing the Church does prior to its new year beginning with that first Vespers of Advent Sunday – it’s seasonal Ash Wednesday equivalent to our Ember Days of atonement, additional prayers, abstinence, and fasting.

While their atonement and music is beautiful aka Barbra Streisand – Avinu Malkeinu (Our Father ‘ Our King) – YouTube The obscured facts are that Zionist Christians and Pentecostals find a redux in revisionism to marry some significance to coinciding these Jewish Holidays that are visibly and theologically opposed, (aside from the obvious reversal of the atonement and new year celebrations of liturgical year ) to their replacements by Jesus Christ the Messiah, as the fulfillment of all covenants – with the Eucharistic Covenant of the only begotten Son of God.

The old covenant was completely and utterly abrogated by their  foretold Messiah. Subsequently Judaism has rebuked the new covenant and invented a new religion . Rabbinical Talmudic Judaism has virtually nothing to do with biblical Judaism .The scriptures referring to Israel throughout the Old Testament are referring to the new Israel of Catholicism – The religious and the devout of confraternities , societal sodalities, and third orders chant the psalms everyday as a matter of the law of the Church . These chants as well as the old testament readings regarding the persecution of Israel and its coming subsequent defeat of everything are prayers for the new Jerusalem, the new Israel,  which is the Roman Catholic Church- which is a fixed dogma of the Catholic Church. To a corresponding example one of its best selling bibles is one that provides margin exegesis called,   “ The New Jerusalem Bible “ The most frequent response to this is why have I never heard these teachings . Answer = Because the past fifty years has  suppressed  its former treasured teachings and dogmas and imposed a  theological new religion in a similar way to “the method” of that which was imposed in the invention of rabbinical Judaism in the 1800s which was also a man centered religion unlike the traditional rite whose Sacred Traditions are threaded back to its founder the Son of God.

Where can one find the real meanings and teachings of this Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Social Reign of Christ – Answer = In the preconcilar Church they were everywhere

Full text of ” The Mystical Body Of Christ “ by Father Denis Fahey

Time for Worldwide Sacrifice: Ember Week in September – On Rorate

Ember Days In The Real Four Seasons Of The Roman Catholic Church – On Fish Eaters 

The Natural Season Psalm 144:15-16  “The eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord:
and thou givest them meat in due season.  Thou openest thy hand,
and fillest with blessing every living creature.”

The Calculation of the September Ember Days (Reprint) – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Esolen Speaking At Sedes Sapientiae School In Madison NJ

Noted educator, author, and speaker Anthony Esolen will be offering a lecture on behalf of Sedes Sapientiae School. Thursday September 21 at 7 PM

Madison EMS, 29 Prospect Street, Madison, NJ (on-site parking; a short walk from the Madison train station serving NYC)

Tickets: $25 per person – tickets will be held at the door


Black Marble – – Mozart Violin Concert At Saint Bartholomew Catholic Church 50th St. and Park Avenue  Thursday September 21st 50th St. and Park Avenue  1:15-2:00 pm
Free no tickets or reservations are necessary.


Two Tenors and a Soprano,”  At Most Precious Blood Church Little Italy September 22, 2017 at 7:30pm.

Celebrating popular Italian arias, Neapolitan songs and songs of inspiration to Italian and American culture

Located On 113 Baxter Street, between Canal and Hester Streets in Manhattan’s Little Italy the Music and Voices Concert Series will present the 2nd season opener of its Music and Voices series with a performance of “Two Tenors and a Soprano,” featuring tenors Paolo Buffagni and Arthur Lai, soprano Cheryl Warfield, and pianist Mark Cogley.  The concert will take place on Friday, September 22, 2017 at 7:30pm.


Traditional Masses for the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel On Friday September 29th , As Posted On The Society of St. Hugh of Cluny

Of Particular Note St. Francis Xavier Church, 1703 Lurting Avenue, the Bronx, Solemn Mass, 7:00pm. information. From the pastor: “The first Traditional Mass at Saint Francis since the council. Any publicity that can be given for this event would be very helpful. I have hopes that this will become a regular part of our parish life.”


St. Anthony of Padua – Latin School Begins Saturday October 11th, 2017 – West Orange, NJ

Special Latin Intensive Course On Traditional Roman Rite – Latin Language Course

A practical introduction to the Latin vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of the  traditional Roman missal and breviary.

Correct pronunciation of Latin will also  be stressed. Classes held for 8 successive

Saturday mornings, Oct. 11-Dec. 2, 2017. Advance registration required For information:

St. Anthony Oratory, Fr. Wickens Hall 1360 Pleasant Valley Way West Orange, NJ 07052


Rosary Rally (America Needs Fatima) TFP – Open Public Outdoor Event Invitation – October 14th  12:01pm to  1:00 pm

Southwest corner of Northfield Ave. and Pleasant Valley Way , West Orange, NJ

See the ICKP West Orange bulletin for more information


Solemn Pontifical Mass -Saturday October 14th 2017 9:30am Paterson Cathedral Of Saint John The Baptist

Bishop Of Paterson , The Most Reverend Bishop Arthur Serratelli will offer a Pontifical Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the first in the Cathedral since the revolutionary Council.


Autumn Opening Of Michelmas Embertide By AbelGrimmer