The third Christopher Columbus monument defaced in NYsince de Blasio called for a commission to evaluate, and possibly remove symbols of hate from city land.


Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives – Return to Order

Such unequivocal condemnations should not obscure the real issues involved. In this case, America faces the horns of a dilemma as it is presented with two undesirable alternatives. What happened in Virginia was a clash of two false alternatives around the highly explosive issue of rewriting history by removing historic statues. This revisionist trend represents a dangerous new development in the moral and cultural decay of the nation.


Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives – On YouTube


Christopher Columbus monument vandalized in Baltimore believed to be the Nation’s First Columbus Statue Baltimore Sun


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  Of further important informative refresher notes on the topic

The Traditional Knights of Columbus Councils have called for organizing traditional Masses for the holiday of Christopher Columbus. This is one way to restore truth and make reparation, teaching our well-meaning relatives and friends severely lacking an education of Christian roots  is another.

Those ignorant of history , inner city public school architects of revisionism that continue to press forward the distortion that Columbus did not discover anything and the Indians were here for 1000+ years prior fail to understand it through Christian International History – The North American “continent” was discovered for Christendom to save souls for the glory of the one true God ! And for this crusade it was indeed a discovery that our God wanted for all of his people, yet ignorance still abounds. It actually began in a movement among the civil service unions in large cities like NYC to replace the Christopher Columbus Holiday, a Monday in early October with the new Saint of the day Holiday Martin Luther King Jr. ( with no detraction from the accomplishments of the great African American protestant doctor) the honoring of Italian /American Catholics in this country dates back prior to the United States becoming a country. Also for the record Con Edison power company, as well as NYC Transit’s TWU and  DC-37’s clerical workers unions still maintain the observance as a paid Holiday and a day off.

The socio-political stratosphere of the culture right now is one of historical ignorance This is what several generations of evolving anti-Catholic schooling morphs into Very few realize that these leaders of the south were part of a social aristocracy , a patrimony that donated more money to the concerns of the common good that the north could have in several generations It was the center of old world Christian philanthropy in the western hemisphere. US liberal post-modern culturists believe the revisionist history that the main plot of the civil war was about slavery which it was not it was only a sub plot in the greater socio-economic reorg revolution of the north to change the fact that the south ran the country and industry beyond, The north worked a movement that aggressively wanted to suppress the agriculture of the US and to a great extent still does and instead become an industrial commercial and manufacturing mega-country , the latter to which it has subsequently failed at.

Yet they have no problem with the statues throughout the US and portraits on our money of George Washington , as well as Lincoln Jefferson and Hamilton ALL OF WHICH were confirmed slave owners . The Truth of Lincoln’s congressional mongerings is that in the recorded congressional floor speeches and positions of his that were minimized is that he was adamantly for only reducing slavery not abolishing it . It was the US that invented the “generational slavery” concept . Slaves existed prior to the time of our Savior Jesus Christ , through his lifetime and beyond . The US invented the “born into Slavery”  It was Spain – mongols and pseudo Christians that chose black people to be forever slaved In Catholic Brazil the law as far back as the 1800s was established to have the child in the womb of a slave be born free. People were put into slavery for various reasons , reparation from egregious crimes , a family or clan violating the terms of their serf lease relationship into crimes and abuses & the like in the hopes of reforming them hundreds of years prior to the system of federal penitentiaries which always further corrupt and do not reform the majority.

Christianity does not advocate for slavery it was in fact part of the civil laws , slavery rules, prior to Christianity – Columbus was no propagator of slavery but a brave and courageous navigator and merchant

Because of Christopher Columbus hundreds of millions of people have come to their salvation The spreading of Catholicism was an international achievement beyond reckoning He had many other inventions . Their patrimonial family, like mine that came a little over 350 years latter through the same path, was originally of the Italian craft & clerical merchant class of Genoa Italy that served the Kingdom of Spain and her Queen for generations Like us he was also a 3rd order Franciscan and he traveled wherever possible with vowed religious order persons and unlike the new hurricane terror men of today because of him and people of the same chivalrous Christian ilk, the first Mass celebrated in the Americas was that of the Immaculate Conception.

The Catholic Venture of Christopher Columbus –


It calls to mind the following eloquent and academic defense of the Faith made by Pope Saint Pius X against the same molded cast of modernists and revisionists in his encyclical Communium Rerum confirming that not much has changed in the same fight

Communium Rerum (April 21, 1909) | PIUS X


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