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The History Of How It Began

Bishop Helda Camara was one of the activists of a liberal liturgy undermining Pius XII for years beginning in the 1940s

The charismatic movement was just one of its many smaller components that would come along in the early 1970s It was the pentecostal Church’s inroads into Catholicism and an opportunity for the then moral , social and liturgical liberals to jump on board as a vehicle towards dissolving Priestly celibacy , prohibitions against lay participation in the liturgy , all male Liturgy , and the distinction of Holy separated Sanctuary Alar space to the exception of temporarily permitted & blessed vested and properly trained male altar servers to which the new schools of thought, which quickly gained controlled of the post conciliar seminaries, which abhorred the former and essentially formed a generation of a largely feminized Priesthood against.

Once the testosterone was equalized , or many say supressed, in the sanctuary and Altar rails were , by majority, taken down the Helda Camaras of the world would multiply like rabbits and would spread to a number of other diversified dissident movements within side the Catholic Church such as the neo-cathecumenal way and others – where Liturgical abuse runs past the point of rampancy and clearly into the territory of a different religion

Such was the case that gave rise to lay theology. Women praying over other people on line to receive healing from God through them . And so it began – the universally progressivist movement that would commandeer anything and everything that came along to its end It is not surprising to find the leading advocates of Women Deaconesses from among this new school of protestantized lay theology within the charismatic lay hierarchy. It began in Catholic Brazil as an infant and the northern European mostly protestantized countries became its testing grounds The main Vatican II theologians were the strongest proponents of all these and many more heretical pseudo dispositions Yves Congar – Karl Rahner and the like

Karl Rahner and his many Vatican II disciples advocated strongly for the laicization of the Priesthood via the elevation of the lay persons and indicated by virtue of the novus ordo liturgy “it was already made so” ! Rahner stated in writing clearly – direct quote  “ Every time someone is in legitimate and unusual possession of any part of liturgical or legal power that goes beyond the fundamental right of every baptized person this person is no longer lay in the normal sense, he no longer belongs to the simple people of God. In this strictly theological sense , a woman can belong perfectly to the clergy even if the range of power that she can receive is more limited than a man”

Many traditional Catholic organizations prior to Vatican II fought against it – the publications and marian groups of Legionario , Catholic Action (Prior to its infiltration) Cataolicismo – The TFP- and The Holy Ghost Fathers All knew what was at stake a moral, philosophical, theological, and liturgical revolution within the Church that would ultimately bring an egalitarianism and apostate morality from within the Church into a metastasization into the culture and society at large

To name a few gravely dissident examples of our Holy Catholic Church’s post-modern history -American Father John Courtney Murray, Cologne Cardinal German Josef Frings Hans Kung and Viena’s Cardinal Franz Konig to name a few architects of the foundations of cataclysmic destruction we are witnessing in the Church today

And the liberal post-conciliar generation which came right behind them as typified by the likes of the Vienna made Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, one of the authors of the new catechism replete with the type of ecumenism that violates infallible Catholicism – The Catholic hierarchy that led us to this day – and the infiltration of the liturgy with a paganized culture – the exodus of over 75% of all the women religious in the world, and the closing of the majority of all the Catholic Schools in the US and many other countries are found in some of the most egregious examples of hierarchal prelate corruption in our Holy Mother Church

  • Cardinal Bernard F. Law – Archpriest Emeritus of St Mary Major Basilica, Rome
  • Cardinal Roger M. Mahony – Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles
  • Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick – Archbishop Emeritus of Washington and the late
  • Bishop John Francis Deardon of Detroit
  • _____________________________________________

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All this not only gives rise to the following type of instances but complete “unofficial” approval and support

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We must understand the following !

In The Landmark Encyclical Mediator Dei In 1947 PIUS XII Began The Fight To Stave Off The Liberal Infiltration Into The Liturgy That Had Begun – Knowing Full Well As All Philosophers And Theologians Do That It Would Essentially Translate To A Liberal Morality ………….As Follows

With Christ for its Head  the Christian community is in duty bound to participate in the liturgical rites only according to their station.

  1. You are surely well aware that this Apostolic See has always made careful provision for the schooling of the people committed to its charge in the correct spirit and practice of the liturgy; and that it has been no less careful to insist that the sacred rites should be performed with due external dignity. In this connection We ourselves, in the course of our traditional address to the Lenten preachers of this gracious city of Rome in 1943, urged them warmly to exhort their respective hearers to more faithful participation in the Eucharistic sacrifice. Only a short while previously, with the design of rendering the prayers of the liturgy more correctly understood and their truth and unction more easy to perceive, We arranged to have the Book of Psalms, which forms such an important part of these prayers in the Catholic Church, translated again into Latin from their original text.[8]
  2. But while We derive no little satisfaction from the wholesome results of the movement just described, duty obliges Us to give serious attention to this “revival” as it is advocated in some quarters, and to take proper steps to preserve it at the outset from excess or outright perversion.
  3. Indeed, though we are sorely grieved to note, on the one hand, that there are places where the spirit, understanding or practice of the sacred liturgy is defective, or all but inexistent, We observe with considerable anxiety and some misgiving, that elsewhere certain enthusiasts, over-eager in their search for novelty, are straying beyond the path of sound doctrine and prudence. Not seldom, in fact, they interlard their plans and hopes for a revival of the sacred liturgy with principles which compromise this holiest of causes in theory or practice, and sometimes even taint it with errors touching Catholic faith and ascetical doctrine.
  4. Yet the integrity of faith and morals ought to be the special criterion of this sacred science, which must conform exactly to what the Church out of the abundance of her wisdom teaches and prescribes. It is, consequently, Our prerogative to commend and approve whatever is done properly, and to check or censure any aberration from the path of truth and rectitude.
  5. Let not the apathetic or half-hearted imagine, however, that We agree with them when We reprove the erring and restrain the overbold. No more must the imprudent think that we are commending them when We correct the faults of those who are negligent and sluggish.
  6. If in this encyclical letter We treat chiefly of the Latin liturgy, it is not because We esteem less highly the venerable liturgies of the Eastern Church, whose ancient and honorable ritual traditions are just as dear to Us. The reason lies rather in a special situation prevailing in the Western Church, of sufficient importance, it would seem, to require this exercise of Our authority.

The Full And Prophetic Encyclical Mediator Dei On The Vatican Web Site


Where are we headed

It’s not that they hate Christ but in their warped view the overthrow of the dogma and proliferation of the Social Reign Of The Kingship Of Christ had to happen in order for their goals to be met – A new egalitarian theology of the laity involving a female Priesthood within two generations and from it will logically come the finalization of the syncretism underway and eventually in this beginning of the end of days, the one world religion of the darkness

The only things that can help us now, the restoration of the traditional liturgies in the east and the west , the promotion of the age of mary a, the declaration of the 5th dogma of the co-mediatrix , advocate and reparatrix of all Graces, the consecration of Russia by ALL the Bishops to the Immaculate Heart and through it all a universal propagation of royalism, theocracy, and the social reign of the Kingship of Christ – nothing short of all apostolates in a full court press, above all led by the faithful lay men and remaining orthodox religious can make any significant defenses of our sacred tradition, families and patrimonial properties.

Viva Christo Rey