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 What Really Happened Down At The WTC On 09-11

Loose Change 2nd Edition – The Free Documentary Video On YouTube That Began The Search For Truth By Those Of Us That Were Here Downtown That Day


A Structural Reevaluation Of The Collapse Of World Trade Center Building #7

Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7- At The University of Alaska


Oregon State Fair – A Recent Presentation By Our Engineers And Architects For 9-11 Truth Org

The Bobby McIlvaine Act- News Conference 09-11-17 1:00pm _Live Feed


September 11 – Italian army invades the Papal State without a declaration of war


8 Secrets of NYC’s St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & Shrine at the World Trade Center | Untapped Cities


Reflections on “Taps” – Catholic Repose, Dignity in Death – American TFP


First Glimpse at Koenig Sphere After Its Return to World Trade Center, Now at Liberty Park | Untapped Cities


And from some of my own vast collection of WTC photographs & photo-journalism as follows:

The Koening Sphere immediately following the construction completion of the north and south towers

One of the many many people that committed suicide to whom our devotion continues to pray daily were allowed into Purgatory (at least the ones not previously in mortal sin that were in a state of grace)

Saying goodby to Father Mychal Judge , who despite official reports was killed by a suicide jumper while praying over a fallen fire fighter in the courtyard of the corner tower

Previously encrypted side by side satellite photographs of the day before and the day after 09-11.

Smokes billows from the World Trade Center towers in New York Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, after two aircraft hit the upper floors of the buildings. The Empire State Building is in the foreground. (AP Phoito/Marty Lederhandler)

People look out of the burning North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City September 11, 2001. Both towers were hit by planes crashing into the buildings. Shortly after this photo was taken this tower fell. In the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, three hijacked planes slammed into the Pentagon and New York’s landmark World Trade Center on Tuesday, demolishing the two 110-story towers that symbolize U.S. financial might. REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

In the years following its topping & the exterior construction completion of the north and south towers in the early 1970s

The view of the implosion from the cross atop NY’s oldest Catholic Church Saint Peters


Requiem Mass For 09-11 In The Dominican Rite At St. Vincent Ferrrer – Mon_09-11-17 @ 7:00pm – Flyer Below


In Paradisum – Traditional Chant For The Dead


Salve Maria